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You and your Pokemon knew it was time to get down to business. Despite this being your first journey together, you could feel that your Pokemon trusted you.

Both Glasspine and Tori were ready for your next commands as you grabbed a handy plastic bag from your backpack. The Sandshrew focused its strength on its claws, striking them together to remove any debris that might dull its attacks or cause them to miss. He swiftly began swiping at the Parasect, striking it’s face four times in succession. The bug type hissed out in pain, but seemed to have a mischievous look on its face. A spore burst out of the mushroom on its back, landing directly in the face of Glasspine. The multiple hits from the Fury Swipes seemed to have activated the Parasect’s Effect Spore, leaving Glasspine paralyzed.

Following your directions to recruit the remaining Roselia, your Nidorina bounded over to the group of grass types. They flinched as the large Pokemon towered over them, still covering their tiny faces. Delicately, Tori confided in the Roselia the plan to take down the Parasect. They seemed to be listening, and even lowered their hands to look at Tori directly. The Parasect watched from its battle with the Sandshrew, angry that you were conspiring against it. It called out to one of its subjects again, and a loyal Roselia ran forward to deliver a Poison Sting to Tori’s backside. She was barely affected by the Poison-type attack and, following orders, reeled to deliver a sharp Scratch across the Roselia’s body. Another horrified cry came from the three Roselia as their flowered friend crumbled to the ground. Their flowers returned to their faces and they shook in fear. Tori looked unsure of what to do about the group, but decided to move on to her next attack. She collected freezing cold air in her mouth, and blasted a sharp beam towards the Parasect. It was engaged in battle with Glasspine and didn’t notice the move flying towards it. Its claw was raised to strike him in his paralyzed state, but the Ice Beam got to it first, freezing its limb solid. With her target partly immobilized, Tori rushed over to deliver the first blow of beating the Parasect up. She looked expectantly towards the group of Roselia, who she assumed would be right behind her to assist with the attack. However, they had disappeared.

As you sealed up the baggie containing the mushroom, there was a sensation against your leg, barely light enough for you to notice. You looked down to see one of the Roselia worriedly tapping you with one of its flowers.

“Rose…Lia lia...!” It shook its head and pointed to the Roselia on the ground, struggling to stay conscious. It seemed to be pleading with you to stop. The other two Roselia had cautiously approached the hypnotized one and attempted to help it stand. Still under the influence of the angry Parasect, the Roselia pushed its companions away forcefully. The Roselia near you cried out, then looked back to you. It was unmistakable that it wanted help with the Parasect, but it seemed to be worried your higher level Pokemon were doing more harm than good.



You couldn’t help but keep your attention drawn to the dust cloud. The shrine door, although interesting, could wait. This sudden event piqued your interest, especially the fact that your mysterious Pokemon partner also seemed intrigued.

You bravely took a step forward, but that bravery faded fast. What were you getting yourself into? You had no idea what this event, seemingly random, truly meant. The Staryu was unaffected, and tottered ahead, stopping momentarily when it noticed you weren’t following. This inspired you to keep going, and the two of you approached the area of interest with caution.

You were glad you were wearing glasses. The dust that was being whipped up flew right towards you, tiny rocks pelting your face. As you got to the center of the vortex, the dust cleared. It seems you arrived in the eye of the dust storm. You took off your glasses to clear them of the dust, temporarily unable to focus on anything in front of you. You could see, however, the bright red light of your Staryu light up once more. As you readjusted the frames on your face, you noticed the Pokemon was prodding at a mound of dirt. Though it could probably clear the dirt away with some kind of attack, it seemed set on only using one of its five limbs to carefully push the dirt aside. You watched intently as it worked, wondering if you could discover something more about this strange Pokemon in order to bond closer with it. The light of the gem faded once again as it moved away from the now much smaller mound of dirt. A rolled-up scrap of paper lay in the middle of the mound, uncovered almost completely by Staryu. The Pokemon waited expectantly for a reaction, or maybe praise, for its discovery.

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