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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

White hair on guys = awesome. (Examples that come to mind: Archer, Dr. Emmett Brown, the guy who played Soran in Star Trek: Generations)

White hair on women = fugly. :x (Examples that come tomind: DOA3's Christie, X-Men's Storm, and Sakuya :P)

I also strongly dislike blue-eyes. Which I finally realized when I realized that my long-held belief that "blonde hair < brown hair" was crushed when I figured that I actually prefer blonde hair + brown eyes to brown hair + brown eyes. (I still think that, depending on the girl, auburn hair, i.e. red + brown hair, is better than blonde.)

Also, purple hair + purply-red eyes for the win. (Ayane. )

EDIT: The first Walfas. The one about fire. And the fridge.
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