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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

The miko in red is the girl you JUST SHOWED. The so-called "Raymoo." I'm saying I like her. She's who I use when I (rarely) play IaMP.

Update on IaMP: Haven't touched it, haven't had time to scratch my head (seriously, have barely even had time to mast........icate my food properly), and thus haven't had time to go to the mall to purchase my much-needed replacement for this broken Dell ball-mouse I have. (The Kensington laser-mouse I have is good only on Linux, apparently. Windows hates it, and so does my wallet considering it devours 2 AA batteries in under 48 hours when not even in use. O_o Didn't use to do that. O_o) So anyway, I'll be headed to the mall to get that gaming controller Friday or Saturday, don't you worry.

Back to Touhou discussion: Sakuya? Is she related to Kaguya (the moon one) by any chance? If Sakuya is the knife-throwing girl, (a) no! :x and (b) you don't know me at all O_o. I thought that's who Sakuya was. Oh well. I don't know the Touhou girls by names at all yet, so whatever. If it is her, then bleh. If it's not her, then disregard me + correct me and explain both who Sakuya is and what the name of the knife-girl is.

The girls I like are the miko in red (Reimu, I'm assuming), Kaguya-hime, and the purple-haired girl with the white rabbit ears. This is solely based on looks with zero knowledge of personality.
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