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The Hatchery
Breeding Centre and Egg Nursery

On the outskirts of Fizzytopolis proper -- past the well-manicured suburbs -- in the rolling hills dotted with farmlands and undeveloped property sits a small ranch. This is the Hatchery; a place which specializes in helping trainers and their Pokémon usher in the next generation. Seated on four acres of pristinely maintained land, the Hatchery is a paradise overflowing with groves of fruiting trees, bodies of water, and plenty of private nooks and crannies to help facilitate... delicate discussion.

Egg Rules
1. If you have obtained an egg, post here with the link to where you received it so we know what its requirements and limitations are.
2. Your egg will hatch in the amount of time as has been set by your updater. If none have been given your egg will hatch in one week’s time upon posting in this thread.

Breeding Rules
1. A trainer may only breed any combination of their Pokémon four times within one calendar year.
2. A single Pokémon may only breed twice within one calendar year.
3. Both Pokémon being bred must be a minimum of Lv. 20.
4. Both Pokémon must be within the same egg group.
5. One trainer may drop off two Pokémon, or two trainers may make arrangements to drop off one Pokémon each. In the case of the latter, only the trainer who picks up the hatchling will use up one of their four breeding allowances for the year, though allowances are still used up for both Pokémon.
6. It will take one week for the parent Pokémon to breed, and one week for the egg to hatch.
7. The offspring will be the same species as the mother or non-Ditto parent. If either parent is holding the Old Spice Incense the offspring will be the same species as the father or non-Ditto parent. Exceptions apply. (See below.)
8. Some species can only be obtained through the use of held items. (See below.)
9. A trainer can use the breeding services more than once at a time, but a Pokemon cannot be in multiple simultaneous breeding services
10. You may not use one of your own slots to breed a Pokemon for someone else.

Exchanging Slots for Eggs
In order to accommodate for those who are unable to breed Pokemon or do not wish to partake in Pokemon breeding, it is now possible to exchange you Breeding Slots for Enigma/Type Eggs. The following rules apply:
1. 1 Breeding Slot may be exchanged for an Enigma Egg or 2 Breeding Slots maybe be exchanged for a Type Egg of choice.
2. To exchange, simply post in the hatchery, indicating your selection. Eggs claimed this way still take a week to incubate.
3. A maximum of 1 egg can be exchanged each season (Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec).

Hatchling Gender-Influencing Service
For those who are seeking a particular gender from the outcome of their incubated hatchling, the Hatchery staff offers a service to influence the egg during its thermosensitive period. The following rules apply:
1. 2 Breeding Slots may be exchanged in order to request a specific gender from the outcome of your egg. These come in addition to one already being used for the current breed, to a total of 3.
2. To exchange, simply post in the hatchery either when dropping off the parents to breed or while the egg is being incubated. You may not request this service after the egg has already been hatched.

Special Offspring
The following species require a parent to be holding a specific held item.
Wynaut: Wobbuffet holding Lax Incense.
Azurill: Marill/Azumarill holding Sea Incense.
Budew: Roselia/Roserade holding Rose Incense.
Chingling: Chimecho holding Pure Incense.
Bonsly: Sudowoodo holding Rock Incense.
Mime Jr.: Mr. Mime holding Odd Incense.
Happiny: Chansey/Blissey holding Luck Incense.
Munchlax: Snorlax holding Full Incense.
Mantyke: Mantine holding Wave Incense.

The following breeding combinations (including evolved forms) have a 50/50 chance of producing offspring of either parent species. This only applies when the corresponding lineages are bred together.
Nidoran & Nidoran (Both Nidorina and Nidoqueen are breedable at the Hatchery; they take the Monster/Field egg group.)
Tauros & Miltank
Volbeat & Illumise
Rufflet & Vullaby

Shiny Odds
If both parents are shiny, odds that the offspring will be shiny are 50%.
If one parent is shiny, odds that the offspring will be shiny are 25%.
If neither parent is shiny, odds that the offspring will be shiny are standard.

As you step into the Hatchery, a young woman in a ruffled pastel dress is slightly startled by your presence. Throwing a hand over her mouth, she exclaims "Oh my goodness, I didn't hear you come in! Hello there!"

She offers you a curtsy and a bashful smile. "Welcome to the Hatchery! Everyone usually calls me Miss Lulu. You must be here because you're hoping to get a little baby Pokémon of your own, right? Well, don't you worry, you'll be in good hands here. Our incubation systems are the very best! And we promise that there will always be a caring staff member on hand to welcome your new team member to the world."

For your peace of mind, Miss Lulu takes you for a brief tour of the facilities. The Incubation Room is painted in soft, soothing colours and features a couple of plush chairs, each draped with hand-knitted blankets. There are shelves packed with books on Pokémon care, their spines creased from use. There's even a slightly worn rocking chair in one corner.

When Miss Lulu hatches an Egg for you, your new Pokémon may display some unique behavioural traits! Of course, we change as we mature, and Pokémon are no different. If you don't feel like the personality shown by your new hatchling is what you were hoping for, then you're welcome to forget about it entirely. However, for trainers who don't have a particular vision for their newly hatched Pokémon, maybe these early behaviours will indicate what sort of personality they'll go on to develop. Ultimately, it's all up to how you raise them!

On the far end of the Hatchery, a man runs about in pastel scrubs. While his movements and baggy eyes may suggest irritation, though, a wide smile decorates his face as he takes pictures of baby Pokemon and makes notes next to the polaroids that print out as he tapes them to his notebook. The man turns to you, still scribbling notes, to address your presence, "Oh! Hello, hello! Are you here to pick up or er... drop off?"

Flipping through his notes only to realize his mistake, he extends a hand, "Sorry, sorry. I'm Doctor Grossman, and I run the nursery you see here. Feel free to drop off any Pokémon with me that wish to have little ones of their own, though due to limited staff and looking out for the well being of the parents we do have some limitations on frequency," the Doctor proceeds to hand out a small pamphlet full of rules as he explains, "after drop off, we'll keep the parents for a week to... make sure everything goes well. After that point it will take another week to care for their egg in our specialized incubators. After that, though, we more than encourage you to join us in welcoming your new team member into the world."

While Pokemon brought into the world by Doctor Grossman and his staff may initially display behavioural traits similar to their parents, Pokémon are perfectly able to change as they grow. Any personalities displayed by your new team members may be temporary and can be ignored, though you are free to nurture them with these traits in mind so that they grow into them. In the end, everything comes down to how you raise this new member of your team.

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