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Diddy Kong's Quest

On Day 3 of this and it's indeed a challenge. I'm having greater struggle with this than Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels.

What is shocking is the high difficulty compared to DKC 1, which is a notoriously easy game. The second boss in this game was harder than any boss in DKC and I spent 30 lives trying to beat the third.

I like the content but hate how you have to find all the secrets to clear a level. What I liked about DKC 1 was the secrets were optional and rewarded adventurous gameplay. Because of the low difficulty, you could mess around some.

Here, I don't want to needlessly waste lives jumping into unknown places because I need the lives to pass some of the puzzles. This makes going back to the hidden areas a chore, not an adventure.

Also, even if it doesn't have any effect now, needing to pay for hints, saves and flights is annoying.
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