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I had to install Origin for this: Apex Legends (~2 hours)

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There are games you play because the central premise grabs you, and there are games you play mostly to say you did (e.g. Duke Nukem Forever). Apex Legends falls into the latter camp for me.

Everything about this game screamed "sent out to die" (a AAA game released with absolutely zero hype or fanfare in a relatively busy month, yet another battle royale "but with ______" that suggested a desperate lunge for the bandwagon), but the game EA had apparently zero faith in has turned out to be a sleeper hit that currently wrestles with Fortnite for the top spot on Twitch while Anthem's shine is starting to come off even before general release. It's fascinating to me, in other words, because it displays in a visceral way how totally fucking clueless the leadership at EA is, and as the designated E3 shit talker I am totally here for it.

But at the end of the day it's still an EA game, so even with this unexpected success on their hands they'll still find a way to fuck it all up.
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