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Originally Posted by Lindz View Post
Guess I shouldn't be surprised yet another things run by allegedly terrible peoples ~_~
If you remember OpenFeint, that funky mobile social network that was tied to games like Fruit Ninja, it turns out that both it and Discord were made by the same guy. OpenFeint, for the record, faced lawsuits for unethical data practices in 2011. I believe I came around to the thing either very shortly before or after it went down (and for the small amount of time it proceeded to last, it was my first home on the Internet), but just goes to show, not only will the folks at the top ruin your favorite things, they won't learn from their mistakes, either.

EDIT: the thread is still an ongoing project after 4 days.

Four. Whole. Days.

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Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
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