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I'm replaying Final Fantasy I using a "meme team" of four Black Belts.

There was a website dedicated to the NES version of FF1 years ago that famously hated on the Black Belt, because it's a pretty bad, if unique class. Unlike normal classes that need equipment and spells to get better, Black Belts have enormous bonuses from level up and actual negative modifiers if they use equipment. So Black Belts tend to operate best with no equipment, making them very inexpensive and low maintenance compared to other classes.

However, their "absorb" or "armour class" is pathetic, perhaps below even the Red Mage or Thief, so you have to shower them in healing potions to keep them alive. During the early game they're OK, but leveling them is absolutely punishing from Level 6-15 or so. The game curve isn't designed with these characters in mind, imagine trying to fight with physical mages during that part of the game. That's how bad they are.

But after Level 12, the Black Belt gets an extra attack per turn, and it snowballs from there. While their individual attack isn't high, they gain a high number of attacks per turn, and each attack has an individual chance to crit for double damage. At Level 21, a Fighter with the top gear could do 160-200 damage per turn. Black Belts do 400+ on a crit, and since crits bypass Absorb, they can effectively OHKO anything in the game at this point.

Even the "Scum", a mustard jelly-like monster with 255 Absorb (the highest in the game, apparently), my highest level Black Belt did 246 damage to it on a crit. It has 24 HP.
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