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The bond that Pokemon experience with humankind, for good or for ill, demonstrates itself from the moment they are born. Infant Pokemon, born into the arms of trainers, search not for their missing mothers - such are the long, winding, increasingly entangled and complicated years of evolution that Pokemon have endured at our side. Being born to a trainer, for many Pokemon, is as natural and normal as being born to an adult of their own species.

At least... this is true for the Pokemon of today. It is said that the ancient Pokemon, in the days before humanity's dominion, had no such warm regard for human beings, in infancy or otherwise.

These were the truths Miss Lulu would have to face, in the form of a 130 lb. baby girl, perched precariously on the windowsill with bat-like wings held close to her body, snarling with a voice that seemed to echo from the pit of man's primal fears. Under one wing, a little bird is cradled, close to the ferocious beast like a precious baby brother. The tiny bird attempts to mimic his protector's snarl, but only a slightly garbled chirp comes out. Under the other wing, a humanoid creature braces her head, overwhelmed by the undisguised resentment emanating from the reanimated fossil toward Miss Lulu.

The beast would not let Miss Lulu tend to the other hatchlings, and certainly would not be tended to herself. Miss Lulu imagined that the hatchling, at best, saw her as an unfit mother... at worst, saw her as some kind of petty nest thief, stealing from her real parents. There would be no reasoning with this newborn, nor appealing to her softer side... but Miss Lulu had a trick up her sleeve, one that would appeal to even this primordial Pokemon.

As swiftly as she can muster, Miss Lulu sets out three bowls - two small and one large - and fills each with a simple assortment of delicious berries. Stepping away from the meals, she watches carefully as the pterodactyl-like creature snorts with indignance, only to give in at the psychic pleadings from the Pokemon under her left wing, and the hungry chirps of the Pokemon under her right. She sets the two each at their little bowls, only to consume her own - bowl included - in one gulp.

The tiny bird to her right watches this in awe. He attempts to imitate the action... and it goes about as well as one would expect. Hiding his embarrassment, he pecks as ferociously as he can at the berries that have scattered all over the floor.

The little psychic type, meanwhile, demurely floats each berry, one at a time, to her mouth, taking little bites as she watches the spectacle with a flicker of amusement in her eyes. Miss Lulu takes a seat beside the psychic type, munching on an apple of her own, as the little bird continues to do his best to imitate his adopted big sister, who regards these attempts at imitation calmly and without judgment. It was hard to tell, especially under the rough exterior, but there seemed to be an odd sort of warmth in the ancient one's eyes.

What a handful these babies were! Each group seemed more challenging than the last... Miss Lulu didn't know how she would keep up the energy for all these little ones. But as a small berry floats towards her lips, held aloft with a small smile by the telekinetic powers of the baby beside her, she takes a bite and giggles a bit. The little bird had taken a seat on the resurrected fossil's head, attempting to roar as best as his little birdie lungs can. The ancient one grumbles in a sound that, even to a modern ear, sounds like an attempt at expressing approval. The beast shoots a glance towards Miss Lulu, a downright murderous one in fact - at least until another bowl of fruit is placed in front of her, which is once again swallowed, bowl and all.


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