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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Hatching this little one, please!
The first time around, things had gone swimmingly, modesty aside. Junior Assistant Dr Newman had helped deliver a beautiful baby Dratini (of which he was, he admitted, mildly jealous) under the watchful eye of an Elite. And as fate would have it...

"O-oh. Pokemon Master Gary! Nice to see you again," he stammered, adjusting his glasses nervously. "T-this one will be for you, r-right? Great, great, splendid."

And then, he saw him. The legendary Professor Pine from Heiml, expert in Bonds, standing right next to Elite Three Gary!

"OH! Oh my, I... you are... oh dear, you are. I'm a big fan of yours Professor, and I would love to..." suddenly, he remembered he had a job to do, and that Dr Grossman was no doubt taking notes of his embarrassing descent into fanboyism right in front of customers. "I-I mean, later. This moment is yours, after all."

He stepped back to allow Gary and Rorik some time alone with the Egg. From which, Dr Newman noted in silence, he could sense an intense power emanating even before the shell had cracked...

Spoiler: show

Congratulations! You've hatched a Lv 1 Male Riolu!

No compatible Egg Moves...

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