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Cyndaquil UPN PASBL 2.0: rotomotorz vs. deh

Originally Posted by deh74 View Post
rotomotorz (c) vs deh (a)
3 vs. 3
10 AP Limit
72 HR DQ
Switch = OK
Ocean Liner: Battles here take place upon the deck of a large Ocean Liner. The floor underfoot is made of pure steel, entirely unable to be manipulated. There will be onlookers for this battle, but they cannot be targeted and will be smart enough to remove themselves from the vicinity if the battle should spill towards them. Anything which can be feasibly pictured as on the deck of an Ocean Liner is open for manipulation, with deck chairs being a prominent feature. There is also a rather large pool situated at the center of the deck, which is large enough to accommodate most aquatic Pokemon. The battle can also spill out to the surrounding sea. Here, waters are fairly temperate, but there are no footholds for land based Pokemon. The currents are mild, not having any drastic effect of swimming ability, and any new Pokemon will be released on the deck of the Liner.
lets go bois
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