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Hiero put his hand to his forehead, covering one eye. His ears, having just been filled with a sudden sound akin to that of crackling static, rang intensely. He had expected something to happen, but not like this, and not so soon after entering the bastion. He pressed his back to a nearby wall and focused his vision on one object, but the vertigo he was undergoing was overwhelming. He closed his eyes and slid into a crouch. He pressed his index and middle fingers to his temples, and sat still, recounting exactly what he just experienced in his mind.

The bastion shook with the sudden clap of thunder. He figured that a bolt of lightning must have struck the tower. The woman… something was off about her. No. Everything was off. He had heard rumors that a member of the council may have survived the massacre, but that’s all they were – rumors. There was no substantial evidence behind them, and on top of that, there’s no reason to believe this woman was the supposed surviving council member.

He scratched it off the list. He was willing to remain open-minded to the possibility, but he figured he was better off putting this option on the backburner for now. This did not feel natural; it felt… theatrical. Not just theatrical, but supernatural, too. Hiero’s head was swimming with possibilities. He felt as though he had a pretty good idea as to what might have been going on, but his logic wasn’t yet solidified. He needed more. A trick like this may have worked on a younger trainer, but…

He stood up. Bursts of lightning flashed through the window from outside. Or… maybe they didn’t? Hiero’s shoulders stiffened and he reached for a pokeball. He wasn’t sure he could trust any of his senses right now. The lighting storm outside; the mysterious woman who appeared to have been stabbed; the grinding emanating from the nearby room. He understood that the rules of the game had changed, and that he was going to have to adapt in order to play. He looked around his immediate vicinity: all he had to go off of right now was the blood on the floor and the grinding in the chamber. If only he had had a Pokemon with Foresight

He pulled a pokeball from his waist and threw it to the ground. His Umbreon appeared. “Eyes and ears peeled, Umbra. We can’t afford to let our guard down. While I have my suspicions, our target is unknown, so we need to be vigilant. For now, the best thing we can do is expect the unexpected.” His Umbreon understood, and silently nodded in agreement. Hiero pointed at the trail of blood on the floor that led into the chamber. The best way to play this game was to play dumb, and on the opponent’s terms, allowing it to think it has the upper hand until it lets its guard down. Hiero was certain Umbreon knew this much as well. Thunder cracked. The pair took a deep breath and proceeded to follow the blood soaked floor to the chamber door...
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