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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Ribcage Mall.

: Mesmerised as you are by the Pidove, your gentle cooing towards the bird as you begin to slowly inch towards it, trying to be as quiet as possible to avoid further attention. As you creep along the cracked ground, you realise that the damaged floor appears only to be on the surface, while Kakahai follows you, hidden from view behind the wall of the balcony. Only ten paces from the avian, the pigeon tilts its head slightly, still staring at you with those eyes as your heartbeat picks up, five steps away from it...

The Pidove then blinks.

As eye contact is broken, you have the feeling of sinking and as the Vaporeon squeaks out, you realise the floor in front of the bird is nowhere near as stable, the balcony giving way beneath your frame as the Pidove begins to coo repeatedly, as though laughing at your misfortune before fluttering off the barrier. Your fall is short and broken by something surprisingly solid, to a chorus of shock. Kakahai hops down after you, concerned for your welfare, and as you flop onto the ground, pain in your legs from the landing, the sensation of being looked at by a crowd sinks into you as you find yourself discovered by every one of the folk...who seem to have the same marking as outside on their person, be it clothing, tattoo, paint or otherwise handmade jewellery.

"Wha-what the hell was that!?"

Before you can do anything, you're hauled to your feet by four arms and turned around to the sorry sight of a bashed and mangled arcade machine, with one rather irked man around your age with a scruffy chin frowning at you. Kakahai makes a half-hearted attempt to defend you, but the sight of Croagunk and Emolga is enough to make the Vaporeon back down against you, both of you trembling as you try to apologise/bargain.

"God damn it, I was on a good run there and now it's busted! Again! You got some nerve, boy!" the fellow snarls, until a few voices butt in.

"You sure that's a guy? Looks like a girl to me..."

"You look a girl, more like."

"WHAT!? Wanna say that to my face, punk!?"

"Oh great, those two numpties are at it again..."

"Who knows, that kid's ambiguous as it is, could be nonbinary or fluid..."

"Does it matter, folks?" the first man barks, before looking at you and your companion, then up at the Pidove perched on a post further up, then the wrecked arcade machine. After a few seconds of pondering, the folk holding you pipe up.

"So whadda we gonna do about this sneaky little vandal, Ross?"

"Should we chuck 'em into the shark hole? Shove 'em through the Cacnea pen?"

"Nah, let 'm go," the prior fellow, now know as Ross sighs. "Kid musta wandered in out of the rain after the bird up there, given their getup. Course, can't let em get away with wrecking my console there..." he growls, before waving an arm as the crowd forms a circle around you and Ross, the two holding you having let go.

"Right, here's how things work round here with the Ribs, kid," he starts, plucking a ball from his pocket and enlarging it. "I sees you got a nice Vaporeon there by yer side. Now, we Ribs, we don't see much point in grabbing other's property when they sneaks into ours, but kudos where it's due. Point I'm making is..." he pauses, tossing the ball to the side to reveal something familiar to Kakahai, yet much fluffier with a orange and yellow coat and a huge tail that seems like a flame.

" gonna have to entertain us folks. Your Vape against my Flareon, one on one. Lose, we chuck you back out into the rain and storms. Win, we overlook your trespassin' and see about making your wild goose chase somethin'..." Ross concludes, the Rib one to listen to reason, yet eager for some form of payback. You've no way out of this one it seems, but it appears you've got a fair fight in front of you, Ross' Flareon staring at Kakahai, ready for a scrap...

Tate was afraid of heights. Tate was afraid of gangs. Tate was afraid of being murdered by heights and Tate was afraid of being murdered by gangs.

Tate fell from a significant height, into a den of gangs, and somehow, it felt like the Pidove was laughing the whole time. Something incredibly solid broke the trainer's fall -- and for a moment, it felt like it broke Tate's back, too -- and the world was spinning and everything was dark and scary and people were yelling. Tate slides onto the floor in a considerable amount of pain, just in time for Kai to join her trainer, and the company is welcome and soothing, but perhaps not enough to protect from the group of angry thungs closing in. They begin to bicker, and at first it's simply frightening, especially with the threatening Pokémon closing in. Then it becomes something else entirely, and Tate can't help but be almost amused and perhaps even impressed by it all -- the bird keeper even tries to interject, but doesn't really have the opportunity to do so, before a challenge is issued. One of the Ribs -- a fellow by the name of Ross, it seems -- produces a Poké Ball, and from it emerges a Flareon.

"Oh jeez," Tate grunts. "Look, we don't really battle, you know, and besides -- don' you think this will end poorly for you? I mean... we have the type advantage."

Diplomacy at its finest. Kai isn't impressed with her trainer's words and neither, presumably, are the Ribs. Though she's never been in a fight before, she's also not nearly so intimidated by the Flareon as she was by the Emolga or by the Croagunk, either; something about seeing not only a member of her evolutionary lineage, but one to whom she holds the up hand seems to have inspired a sense of cockiness, and she yawns to demonstrate this, before spitting an emboldened water gun in the Flareon's direction. Tate yelps, not nearly as prepared to fight as Kai is.


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