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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Marshal's Headquarters

TheKnightsFury - Despite the intimidating, maximum security type aesthetic of the outside of the building, upon stepping into the headquarters, the sad state of affairs of the downtrodden police force became immediately apparent. A half-broken, flickering fluorescent light fixture dangled from the ceiling. At least four security cameras hung from cracked drywall, fixated directly on the entryway, but it was hard to say whether or not they even functioned. Sitting several feet in front of you was a rather defeated looking receptionist. He was situated at a wooden desk between a counter where a protective window once stood, and a large, barred, plexiglass window that allowed guests a view into the office space. The dimly lit room was filled with desks, but only half of them were filled. A few of the empty desks had wilted flowers resting in coffee mugs next to what looked to be family portraits. Others were covered in file folders and loose documents. Half of the floor looked to be covered in blank paper, much of it crumpled and torn. A few rugged, weathered detectives, not in uniform, were hunched over their desks smoking cigarettes and concentrating intensely.

The receptionist looked up at you and sighed. The bags under his eyes indicated that he most likely hadn't slept in days. He took a sip from his (probably cold) coffee. "I'm assuming you're both here for a job..." He stared daggers, as though he were looking at dead men walking. "You don't even need to answer. I've seen it all before. Yes... trainers just like you. They come to help the cause, they come for money, they come for justice, they come for the sense of self-importance and heroism. Many of them take the highest level offerings, and many never return. I wonder why you've come? It doesn't matter. It was rhetorical." The receptionist took another sip from his coffee. "Regardless, we won't turn down help when it's offered. Our officers - what remains of them, anyway - are overworked as is. We have a few investigations that need to be addressed yesterday, but we simply don't have the time, money, or manpower to take care of all of this city's overwhelming problems."

The receptionist opens a drawer, pulls out a clipboard, and sets it down on the counter. "Here, a small sampling of what we have available."

There were four options.

"Please note these cases are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. So. Are you in or are you out?"

The receptionist looks at the three of you impatiently...

Jayson paid little attention to the pair of trainers next to him. He was certain they had their own endeavours and he was much more focused on the jobs they had been offered. One of the other trainers quickly snapped one up, cutting Jayson's options down to 3. He read them over and the first one was the most appealing to him, the reports of Pokemon battles and how the criminals seemed to disappear whenever authorities arrived would make for an enjoyable hunt. If Jayson was going to blend in enough that the crooks wouldn't scatter as soon as they saw him, he would have to dump his gear for now.

Jayson rips the first job off the wall and makes his way over to the reception desk. Smiling at the desk clerk, Jayson expresses his wishes to leave some of his gear at the station while he is out on his assignment.

"Hi there, my name is Jayson. I'm about to go out on this job but I need to blend in a bit more, can you tuck some of my stuff away for me? I will be back to grab it when I am done."

Then begins the offloading of his equipment, Jayson unhitched his belt to remove his sword, placing it on the counter. He removed the knife from the scabbard on the back of his belt and then untied the straps on his pauldrons. He lifted the heavy leather armour up over his head and placed it on top of the growing pile. He decided to keep his gauntlets on, they blended into the outfit alright. His hands ran through his hair, scruffing it up a bit. He was ready. He recalled Atalanta into her Pokeball which he tucked into his pocket, apologising as he explained that the criminals would likely be more wary of him if they saw a Pokemon. Checking the job sheet once more, Jayson saw that he was instructed to start at Goldenridge Park, just a few blocks to the south.
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