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PikaGod: Walking through the doors of the high security building before you, you realise immediately the starkly grim situation that the city found itself in. The disrepair of the headquarters was somewhat astonishing, the place giving off a decidedly temporary feel. Wooden desks were situated around the lobby, worn detectives desperately trying to remain awake as they worked. As if manifest in this single lobby, the dark outlook for the future of Bedlam was etched onto the face of every detective in the dimly lit room. Their calloused hands worked furiously over documents, each no doubt detailing the most recent ongoing activities of the two warring gangs. Some managed to stave off the tiredness by drinking cups of coffee, while others smoked prodigally. It is one of these officers who approaches you on noticing your presence.

Lumbering over from his desk, the large yet portly man looks down his nose at you through small, black eyes. While the detectives in the room certainly looked far from their best, this man in particular had distinctly unkempt attire. His shirt was stained here and there with blotches of what could only be meals previously consumed, and his jacket that he wore over the once white shirt was frayed at the cuffs and seemed a size too small - it had certainly never been buttoned at the front in quite some time. Despite this, the general air exuded from the man held a sense of authority, though the way his colleagues eyed him suspiciously made it clear he was not a welcome addition to the squad. As if to punctuate the sentiment that oozed from his coworkers, his gruff tone barks out a greeting .. of sorts.

"Come t' 'give us some help', eh?"

His words had a sneering accusation to them combined with a heavy cloud of smoke which crawled forth as he spoke, the cigar clenched between his teeth never once seeming in danger of falling from his mouth.

"Well, sorry t' tell you that the only work I have for someone like you is patrol duty. You walk around the streets surroundin' the Headquarters and make sure to chase off any stragglers that come to cause us bother. Only the small fry though. Anything bigger to fry, you come see us immediately. Wouldn't want someone of your 'delicate' disposition getting hurt now, would we?"

His final words are marred with a gruesome smile, his lips widening enough to show a number of teeth were missing from their place.
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