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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams

Emi - Aside from the echoes of your own footsteps upon entering the building, the sound of a distant, rhythmic dripping of water, and the faint white noise of the whirring of central air coursing through the abandoned Bastion's ventilation system was all that could be heard. It was eerily quiet. The only source of light pierced through the windows and scattered throughout the large entry hall. The distance from the floor to the ceiling seemed astronomical. Several broken chandeliers hung from high above encircling a large, central one. From what you could tell, everything here was dilapidated and covered in gold and silver colors. All valuables appear to have been looted already; Large outlines where paintings once hung mark the walls, and the golden tiles of the floor appear to be chipped and cracked, several missing entirely. It's hard to tell if they are even real.

You clutched your gun tighter. This wasn't normal. Something was off, but you couldn't put your finger on what it was. Suddenly, a sound like a loud smacking of wood emanated from the guest room to your left. Without flinching, you cocked your gun and pirouetted toward the source of the sound. And then... lowered it. It was a cupboard door smacking against a wall adjacent to it, blown by a large gust of wind penetrating a nearby broken window. It was nothing, but having your guard up was not unjustified. The rumors, despite most being likely unfounded, were enough to make anyone this on edge.

After turning back around, you noticed the light began to cut through the windows even brighter than before - that or your eyes had adjusted more to the darkness. It was hard to say. You see a few options in front of you: You could ascend the spiral staircase which begins on the north side of the entry hall and winds skyward through the building, with crumbling platforms indicating floor stops; straight ahead, you see a connecting hall that stretches through to another towering section of the bastion - it looked dark, and a large puddle of water that ripples gently spans the width of its entry; to the east, there is a large open doorway with a descending staircase and a large wood, golden handrail splitting down the center - this appears to lead to the basement, or maybe just a lower floor, however, there is little to no light from what you can see; Finally, there was a door prior to the connecting hall, just to the side of the large puddle, that appeared to lead out into a courtyard - the once charming garden was now decimated and full of overgrowth, with several entries into the bastion's interior on all sides.

Where you choose to go is up to you...
Lillian entered the Bastion, finding herself at the moment to be completely alone. There were no noises in the Bastion bar the sound of the water dripping and the wind moving through the Bastion's ventilation system. Lillian took a look around, and saw that most, if not all, of the valuables had been looted from the place already. Paintings were ripped off the walls, and many of the tiles that covered the floor were vandalized; some of them were cracked or broken, while others were ripped from the floor. Lillian doubted that the floor was really made out of gold, but she didn't really know if it was or not. Maybe a jeweler would, but she didn't boast that deep of an interest. Besides, she was distracted to begin with. From the minate she came in, her instincts were flaring up. Something was off about the Bastion. She couldn't figure out what it was, but she gripped her gun a little tighter, keeping her guard up. Was something watching her? Did she just walk into some kind of sick trap? These thoughts and more were racing through her head.

Suddenly, a loud noise rang out throughout the Bastion. Lillian, already on edge, swung around, pointing her gun at the source of the noise. But it wasn't anything to be worried about, she realized. It was a cupboard door, smacking into the wall, propelled by a gust of wind. Lillian felt just a little bit stupid about being sppoked by something so simple, but this place made her more on edge than she normally would be. She wondered if Nightingale was having an effect, but pushed that to the side. If she was, it would probably just be welcome.

Recovering from the shock, Lillian turned back around, aware that she could see a little bit better before, and assessed her options. There was the spiral staircase going up, a dark connecting hall that looked to be flooded, a descending staircase with a golden handrail and pitch-blackness, and a door just before the connecting hall that lead to the decripit gardens. Lillian immediately ruled out going into the gardens. She didn't feel that anyone would be waiting for her there. In fact, it just felt like a potential hazard going through the weeds and overgrown plants. Going downstairs into the basement or cellar was tempting, but Lillian also discounted that. She didn't have a potential light source to see through the darkness, and even with her instincts, she would essentially just be a sitting duck.

So it came down the corridor and going upstairs. Generally people secluded themselves deeper into a building, not towards the outer edges, but Lillian couldn't risk going further in without information. "Looks like I'm going upstairs. Hopefully, this staircase will keep. Things in this place look like they've seen better days." Lillian took the first step on the staircase, before resolving herself to continue climbing as high as she can up the staircase. An aerial advantage would be essential to planning.
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