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Shanty Heights (Neutral): As with any city, upper and lower class are divided, and to the unfortunates of the Shiny Heights sector to the south, the Shells and Ribs have made the location their battleground. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the people of the christened Shanty Heights struggle through life, trapped on all sides with their lives and livelihoods at stake, whether it be from the ruthless Shells or the rascally Ribs. What they do possess is companionship, and a yearning to flee the city as refugees, and will be willing to give whatever it takes to ensure their freedom from the bedlam. The pokemon who call Shanty Heights home are those who possess what the people do not: Freedom of movement and little worry for the battles around them. Reply in Violet.
"Well that was... disappointing," Erven muttered, more to himself than to Greg. They'd come to this foreign place for adventure and turtles, thus far finding a bit of both. Almost as soon as they had arrived, Even had been gifted a Torkoal, which pleased him greatly. The people here, he thought, were simply giving away their turtle pokemon, and so when he heard of a local group apparently known as "The Shells," Erven thought he might have stumbled upon a golden opportunity to acquire yet more turtles for his collection, and perhaps make some like minded acquaintances in the process. It did not take very long for him to discover that he had been sorely mistaken, as, from what he could tell, these "Shells" seemed more interested in taking what little he had rather than offering him much of anything. Having no desire to associate with such an organization, especially if there weren't even turtles involved, Erven, with his companion, Greg, and their newest friend, who remained inside her poke ball, sought somewhere where the people might be a bit more polite, and so found themselves in a ramshackle town where they were happy to remain very much un-accosted, at least for the present.

"I don't know if we're apt to find you any more pals here, buddy," Erven noted, quietly, as they made their way through the street, sticking rather close to one another. "But it looks like I'm less liable to lose you," he continued, examining their surroundings and taking note of the people who seemed too weary to pose any sort of threat. "I guess we'll consider that a win," he decided.
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