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Originally Posted by KratosAurion View Post
In response to Amras, do you know or have any experience with the Finnish language in general? Or know what way would be best to tackle the hefty process of learning it? At least, for one thing, I know that it is a lot prettier than Swedish, to an, extent, until you meet the heavily agglomerated words amounting up to countless syllables.
I have a friend who took it in grad school because she works on Finnish history. It has something like 42 cases (!!!), and is pretty inscrutable... I've asked her what book she used, and will let you know what it is when she responds.

Are you at a uni right now? They may have the books you need, because Finnish is a specialized study, so the books will probably be expensive for a student to buy on their own.

She said: "It's light blue and there is a girl with a black shirt on the cover"

.... yay?

EDIT: Further info from her: "The book is all in Finnish. Without an instructor/lessons, it was damn near useless. Honestly, best bet would be to find a good website."
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