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Attaching Aerodactylite to Mizukawa, my Aerodactyl.

Attaching Birdkeeper's Token to Kano, my Archeops.

Hidden powers!

Kano: Male Archeops [Level 3]
Hidden Power Grass

Kido: Female Zorua [Level 1]
Hidden Power Steel

Momo: Female Misdreavus [Level 1]
Hidden Power Fairy

Bictiwl: Male Hoothoot [Level 1]
Hidden Power Steel

Kisume: Female Kabuto [Level 1]
Hidden Power Grass

Shintaro: Male Anorith [Level 1]
Hidden Power Steel

Marry: Female Lileep [Level 1]
Hidden Power Steel

Konoha: Male Shieldon [Level 1]
Hidden Power Fairy

Dave: Approved

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