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Bulbasaur Round 3

My apologies for being so irresponsible.

Also I am considering dragon Rage, incidentally, to be neutral on Lileep (though it does not come into play here). Given the Types listed in the description, it seems to be stacking the effectiveness of the Fire and dragon Types (hence why it is neutral on Steel). In this vein is only logical that the move would be resisted by Rock Types even if this is not mentioned, and so it should be neutral on Lileep.


Chomp yells triumphantly, sensing that her opponent is weakening. It is a slow process, to be sure, more difficult than she had expected, but the lessened speed in no way changes the certainty. That does not mean she is not eager to get a move on, of course; slowly, her battle trance is being crept upon by a strange sense of frustration. Anxious to proceed, she tries to channel this newfound Rage into her onslaught, taking a deep breath and closing her mouth. Within, the Fire and dragon elements intertwine with each other, each complementing the other's strength and alleviating its weaknesses. As it happens, however, her opponent is not sitting idle; Tilly hastily raises herself back to her full height, firmly rooting herself to the ground and bracing for the attack. No, she does not want to get hit, for each hit she weathers is a hit that pushes her closer to defeat. Trying to control the pace of the battle on her own terms, she concentrates, her eyes glowing pink and her tentacles vibrating nearly too subtly for the untrained eye to see. Just as the Gabite lets out a snarl, releasing with it a large fireball, the flames a mix of green and blue, a Barrier forms in front of the Sea Lily. The flames explode violently, a scorching sound filing the air, but when its last wisps die down, the Fossil Pokemon is still unscathed from it.

This only causes the reptile's frustration to grow, as she tries to come to terms with the fact that she is not quite dominating this battle, even if she holds the lead. But then she takes a deep breath again, this time to calm herself. No. She cannot let a foe control her thoughts. She has to think practically. That shield still stands, even if visibly damaged, and she has to get past it, even if it takes brute force to do so. She bends her knees, contracting her powerful leg muscles as she holds her hand-blades in front of her, her eyes narrowing. She is going to aim straight for her opponent's head, she decides, and then, in the blink of an eye, she is off the ground and pouncing in her opponent's direction. The Lileep braces herself once again, hoping that its shield would protect it, but the Gabite is determined. As she gets in close, she swings both of her arms with all the force of an Earthquake, and the power of the move is such that the shield shatters entirely, only managing to reduce the power of the impact. Now feeling genuinely threatened, Tilly looks to contain her opponent for some time as she formulates a plan; this beast is too dangerous to leave in the open. She withdraws her roots and hops back slightly, labouriously, then she immediately slams her own head into the ground. Suddenly, large slabs of Rock erupt all around her opponent, closing into a cone at the top, and trapping her in a Tomb.

Only Tilly took damage, widening Chomp's lead, although the Toxic damage alleviates somewhat. Both Pokemon now seem tired and would appreciate a break. Tilly has used up most of her Psychic Type energy.
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