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Steelix Round 2

Chomp chooses to wait this time. If nothing else, her opponent has managed to surprise her. She is not afraid, of course, not even nervous, but she cannot deny that the Fossil Pokemon has exceeded her expectations. What power did the Pokemon in the past hold? It has been lost to time for the most part, retained only in Fossil Pokemon, but how significant is a loss? It is with this question in mind that the Gabite lets her opponent make the first move this round. Tilly, of course, is happy to oblige, to make sure that her opponent will regret this opening. She lowers her head, causing the Gabite to contract her leg muscles in anticipation, and then, suddenly, the Lileep's face jabs forward, the eyes at the top of her head glowing a bright blue. Scarcely has the reptile registered this that she herself leaps into action, not intending to prolong the risk she has taken; releasing the tension in her foot, she immediately jumps into the air, and whips her body around so that she comes down claws-forward. The moment she touches the soil again, she begins to claw at it viciously, her movements blistering yet practiced. Just as a Ray of light erupts from Tilly, intending to Confuse Chomp, she manages to Dig a tunnel and escape into it, disappearing into the underground as it collapses behind her. But the Sea Lily Pokemon is not fooled by this trick -- her foe is not gone. No, on the contrary, she is going to sneak up and seek the best opportunity to lay waste. Though her face cannot be read, the Lileep's rapid movements as she looks from side to side give away her concern. Apprehensively, she moves towards a large rock nearby in expectation of some shelter.

Respectable as this caution might be, it does not protect Tilly from what comes next, for her idea of hiding behind the rock bites the dust as Chomp suddenly erupts from the ground in front of her, and, under the cover of the soil that she throws up in the process, throws her off balance. A grin spreads wide on the Gabite's face at her own success, baring her sharp teeth. Yes, this Pokemon is certainly a mysterious one, but it has yet to pose a genuine threat to her. This battle, she assumes, will be an easy one. But she is forced to change her mind in light of what Tilly does next: almost as if in a direct, split-second reaction to be taken by surprise, she resorts to poison to keep her opponent at bay, at least until she recovers. Her tentacles begin to ooze with Toxic gunk, and then the plant leans back before thrusting her head forward again, causing the slime being sprayed on Chomp. The smirk fades from her face as she feels a chill run down her spine. Suddenly, the ends of her vision develop a tinge of green, and she feels the overwhelming urge to vomit. But this is not the time. She does not know what the Lileep has done to her, but the Gabite knows only one way of punishing this: an offensive like her foe has not seen before in the battle. She jumps backward, then crouches, her leg muscles tightening one again as she lowers herself to the ground. Then, suddenly, her muscles relax at the same time, sending her shooting forward to meet her foe with her Head, Iron and rock clashing against each other and the former prevailing. In spite of her best attempts to keep herself rooted, the Sea Lily is unceremoniously sent slidng across the ground.

Only Tilly took damage, forcing her down to her second third of health even as she uses up half of her Poison Type energy and even a small part of her Ghost Type reserves. Yet, though Chomp now has leads in health by a large margin, she is badly poisoned and has used up most of her Steel Type energy. Both Pokemon have used similar amounts of energy and should both be able to go on, though they would not mind slowing down somewhat.
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