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Weedle Round 1

The League is just spreading its wings. They are still small, still uncertain; the fluff has not entirely given way to feathers yet. It might be time, or it might be too soon. Yes, there exists a possibility that its wings will fail to support its weight, leaving it to plunge into the jagged crevices underneath.

But how does one fly without fluttering? It has to try, or it can never succeed. That much is certain.

It is with these reflections that trainers are rebuilding the league. Two trainers presently arrive at the Pummelo stadium to play their part. Pokeballs in hand, they, one by one, release their Pokemon.

Gabite (Dragon/Ground): Gabite are very quick when digging near the surface of the ground and will deal slightly more damage with Dig. They can see in the dark. Any Pokémon that strikes Gabite with a physical attack will suffer 25% recoil damage from their rough skin, unless their bodies are particularly hard. Their biting attacks are more effective, dealing 1.1x more damage than usual. They are able to disguise themselves well in sandstorms and sandy arenas.

Lileep (Rock/Grass): Lileep can stick to the ground to absorb nutrients. Lifting or trying to move this Pokémon will count as it having double weight. Lileep's Ingrain is more effective than normal. While they are capable of movement when not rooted down, they are quite slow, as they must hop around to get around. As a sea lily, their natural habitat is the ocean, allowing them to stay underwater indefinitely. They also take slightly less damage from Water-type attacks. They are capable of seeing in the dark. Being fossils, their Ancient Power attack will boost slightly more often.
Little can be made out of Tilly's thoughts, her eyes unblinking and her body appearing fixed in its place, but the subtle movements of her tentacles make it clear that she is paying attention, that she knows she is facing down a foe that is not to be underestimated. As if to drive home the point, Chomp rears back and spreads her arms, letting out a mighty roar. And yet, though her foe is smaller than her, and listless at first glance, and yet she does not flinch at this warning. Very well then, the Gabite decides. If the Lileep wishes to try its luck, so be it. Her claws glow golden-brown as she slams them into the Earth, and instantly a strange vibration seems to spread through the arena. The Rock Type barely has time to prepare herself before the ground under her bursts with that same golden-brown light, consuming her in a show of her foe's Power. As the energy dissipates, the fossil Pokemon looks slightly wilted, but it does appear that much more than this will be needed to take her down. Chomp narrows her eyes and raises her claws as she crouches into a battle stance. Right as she is about to charge, however, she sees a surprise: her foe is actually hopping towards her. Though the movement is slow and labourious, it means that she is still unafraid. Could this foe really be a greater threat than it seems?

It is to confirm this that Chomp rushes forward, her movement so sudden, so quick that Tilly is nearly taken by surprise. The fossil Pokemon halts in her tracks, backpedals in fact, but it is clear that she has nowhere to run. No, she has to stand her ground and face the opposition. As the Gabite draws in, however, she suddenly leaps forward, her momentum carrying her through the air, and whips her body around. Seeing the reptile's Tail, now coated with the bright silver of Iron and gleaming in the sunlight, the Lileep senses danger. Instinctively, she moves to Protect herself, her tentacles standing up and her body glowing with a blue-green aura. In the nick of time, the aura shapes itself into a spherical shield surrounding the Fossil Pokemon from all directions, and although the metallic appendage makes every effort to break through, it is simply impossible. Somewhat disgruntled, the Gabite bounces off the shield and lands in front of Tilly, but the latter is not done yet. As the shield fades, a seed flies forth from ach of her tentacles, arcing up in the air before raining down upon the dragon in quick succession. The seeds, small as they are, set off a series of explosions, the first few causing Chomp to stagger back and the last sending her hurtling off her feet. But the Gabite is fresh and her reactions swift; as she rolls towards the water, she digs her claws into the ground to cut her momentum short, then immediately leaps to her feet ready for more.

The Pokemon are neck-to-neck in health and energy, both raring to go. Chomp's still has much of her Steel Type energy remaining.
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