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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

Abomasnow was not letting up, it was completely ignoring the trainers and their Pokemon in order to take out the mountain in hopes of everyone being taken out along with it. Megas the Golett wasn't about to let that happen and even risked putting themselves in harm's way in order to stop it. They charged around to Abomasnow's front, doing their best to dodge the pieces of mountain that were crashing down and kicked at the ground in order to hurl Mud at the Abomasnow in hopes of Slapping it in the face with it to blind it a bit. It was no use though, through all of the debris, all of the mud was not able to reach the enraged Pokemon's face and only small splatters managed to land. The Avalanche was getting worse, Megas was having a hard time dodging it and knew they needed to do what they could and get out of there fast. They decided to charge in and use their Power-Up Punch on its foot since its arms were impossible to reach with how much they were moving and slamming into the mountain. This attack almost seemed like no use, it must be hurting the Abomasnow but it was hard to tell. Megas wasn't going to give up and kept on hitting but suddenly Abomasnow lifted its large foot and kicked Megas across the snow. They bounced through the snow and crashed into the side of the mountain, the debris began to pile up on top of them and for a moment they thought they were done for. But, they couldn't let it end this way. While under the debris, their trainer Bill activated the power of their z-crystal and this gave Megas the boost they needed.

Megas felt a new kind of energy flowing through them and wasted no time releasing it, causing Abomasnow to have to endure a barrage of a Never-Ending Nightmares. A strange and haunting energy began to surround the beast and flowed into it. The Abomasnow let out an awful sounding scream as it was being mentally tormented by whatever demons were just unleashed on it. Megas was still under the debris but was proud that they finally managed to be noticed. Abomasnow was no longer hitting the mountain because they were too busy clutching thier head in agony. Sigurd the Gallade knew that this was the ideal time to attack with his own z-move. He kicks off the ground and soars up into the air at an astonishing rate, creating a very large amount of distance between him and the ground. Once he lines himself up, he plummets down right toward Abomasnow. Before his attack makes contact, another airborne opponent begins to put up a fight of their own. Cirrus the Swablu swoops in and smashes into Abomasnow's head with Aerial Ace and instantly follows that up with an Air Cutter. They were still clutching their head at the time, but that attack snapped them out of it. Once Abomasnow opened its eyes they immediately looked around for the one who dared attack it, figuring it came from above it looked directly overhead and Swaggered at the first thing it saw, which was Sigurd. Sigurd's attack was now boosted even further and in the next instant, his Supersonic Airstrike made contact with Abomasnow.

The attack was powerful, so powerful that the ground beneath Abomasnow's body shattered and Abomasnow was forced to be half underground. The alteration of the earth also created an earthquake that ripped across the ground and damaged Choux, Vander, Khione, Pouli, as well as Megas who was still covered in debris and the quake shook some more to fall on them, completely knocking them out. The extremely powered up move definitely hurt Abomasnow but at the cost of hurting many of the Pokemon who were grounded as well. Sigurd knew he needed to get out of there but his mind wasn't thinking clearly, the confusion that Abomasnow had caused him was clouding his thoughts. In an attempt to flee, he used his Teleport but in his confused state, teleported to the last place he wanted to be, right in front of Abomasnow. "SNOOOOOOOOW!!!" Abomasnow roared with pure anger and dug its hands into the earth, lifting itself out of the crater at a great speed and slamming right into Sigurd with a Wood Hammer that contained all of the rage it had built inside while also blasting him with a Blizzard. Sigurd was quickly overwhelmed, it was all too much, causing the Gallade to drop into the snow knocked out, but his efforts certainly left an impression on all of those around.

Cirrus was somewhat nervous, he had a similar strategy and after seeing how things went over with Sigurd, going through with it was a bit intimidating. However, Abomasnow began to slam into the side of the mountain once again, it was so enraged that unless everyone wanted to die, everyone would have no choice but to go through with such tactics despite the potential consequences. Cirrus took a deep breath and then began to soar high into the sky. While Cirrus was preparing for his final attack, Choux the Snubbull was ready to show Abomasnow what he was made of. Despite being so small, he had a lot of confidence in this moment. Using his Feint Attack he gets in there nice and close and hits Abomasnow. Abomasnow is extra sensitive to everything going on around it at this point so immediately its attention is brought toward the little feisty Pokemon as he sinks his Flaming Fangs into Abomasnow's side. Abomasnow huffs at such a small Pokemon trying to get the better of it and blows an Icy Wind at Choux, the wind is too much for Choux and he's forced to let go and fly through the air, landing inside of the crater that Abomasnow's body had created earlier. Abomasnow then uses its Blizzard to rapidly fill the hole in an attempt to quickly bury Choux inside of the crater.

Choux was completely submerged in snow but before it got unbearably deep, Cirrus was ready to give Abomasnow another beat down. Cirrus had been diving through the air and finally made contact with his own Supersonic Skystrike. Just like before, the incredibly powerful move hit Abomasnow and it was forced into the earth, only this time it didn't go as deep or cause an earthquake since Cirrus' attack hadn't been raised as high as Sigurd's but it still packed quite a punch. Abomasnow almost immediately went to retaliate with the intent of hurling Ice Shards in the air at Cirrus but this was prevented by a very upset Snubbull. A sudden burst of powerful energy surged through the snow that was once burying Choux, opening up a hole so that he was no longer buried and headed right for Abomasnow. The energy was powerful and upon contact gave Abomasnow an All-Out Pummeling. The Mega Pokemon's entire body was forced against the mountain. The crash caused part of the mountain to break off and an Avalanche proceeded to fall. The trainers as well as their Pokemon began to run to get out of the way but Khione and Vander were slightly behind the rest and got hit with some of the debris.

Abomasnow burst out of the debris that had fallen on top of it from the Avalanche. Its eyes almost appeared to be blood red from the rage it felt which caused its appearance to look even more gruesome. Vander the Zangoose was tired of all the damage he was forced to endure, between the earthquake and the Avalanche he was definitely sore in a few places. He went ahead and put all of that anger into his fist, causing it to burn with flames of rage as he charged right up to Abomasnow and Punched it with all of that raging Fire. Abomasnow was not impressed and it was getting ready to whack the Zangoose away but suddenly it was whacked from another side by a Pursuit. Khione the Sneasel was also not very happy since she had to deal with the exact same treatment as Vander. The two Pokemon glance at each other briefly and then turn their attention back toward Abomasnow. Then almost simultaneously, they attack. Khione hit's Abomasnow hard with a Power-Up Punch and Vander who was on the other side leaps toward Abomasnow and smashes into it with a Low Kick. The sudden impact of the move causes the giant Abomasnow to lose its balance and suddenly it is falling over right toward Khione! Khione can see this and knows she doesn't have enough time to get out of the way so she readies her Iron Tail and whacks it as hard as she can, hoping that her move would have enough impact to stabilize the beast. Unfortunately, it does not and next thing she knows she is completely crushed by a several hundred pound Pokemon and due to her tiny frame she is knocked out instantly.

Vander runs in while Abomasnow is down and quickly slashes at it with a Fury Cutter for good measure before booking it out of there. After seeing everything that Abomasnow had done, no way was he going to stick around long enough for him to get back up. Sal the Salamence began circling around Abomasnow while in the air and began to blow a Firestream at it while it's still down. Despite the flames pelting it, Abomasnow still manages to get back on its feet and now has its eyes set on the annoying fire breathing dragon that is circling around its head. Kimball the Vanillite attempts to Astonish the giant but it doesn't flinch in the slightest. Its eyes are locked on that Salamence. Kimball can see that this is probably for the best, there isn't a single Pokemon out here that wants Abomasnow focusing on them directly. Abomasnow lets out another scream and then makes the Blizzard rage around Sal, the super effective and extremely powerful move was definitely taking its toll rather quickly. Sal doesn't waver, it may hurt but there are lives that depend on this. She moves onto her next attack and begins to blow her Dragon Breath at Abomasnow.

Just before Abomasnow pelts Sal with another one of its super effective moves, suddenly it is being overwhelmed by even more flames and these flames aren't coming from Sal. It was hit by a Blast that was Burning it terribly. Some of the small patches of fur that it had left were quickly melting off and the snow surrounding it melted instantly. Its attention on Sal was finally broken and now it was eyeing up Pouli the Mega Houndoom. Malcolm the Seviper tried to get in close while its attention was elsewhere and stabbed the back of Abomasnow's leg with a Poison Sting. Abomasnow seemed unfazed as it aimed itself perfectly and then lowered its head and began to charge so fast that many were shocked, it was hard to believe that something so huge would move at such a speed, especially after its leg was just stabbed with venom. Before she could even react, suddenly Pouli was being Bashed extremely hard by Abomasnow's Skull. Pouli flew through the air and upon landing in the snow it was clear that by some miracle she had managed to Endure the hit. Abomasnow wasn't about to let that stand though and prepared to inflict more pain but Kimball could see the urgency of the situation and used that moment to release her Signal Beam/Flash Cannon combo. This combination was powerful and even managed to make Abomasnow slide across the snow a few feet.

Before the light from the attack disappeared, Pouli smacked Abomasnow with a very hard hit before quickly Returning safely to her trainer. Kimball also knew that she was going to be in big trouble if Abomasnow figured out that the powerful beam of light came from her so she used her type as an advantage and quickly dropped down and buried herself in the snow. When Abomasnow turned around, the first thing it saw was Sal who was still flying overhead. As soon as they locked eyes, Sal blew a Flamethrower right at Abomasnow. At the same time, Malcolm blew his own Flamethrower at Abomasnow as well. The combination of the two fire attacks somehow enraged Abomasnow even further and it began to Stomp about randomly, crushing Kimball who was hidden in the snow, knocking her out. Malcolm knew he was dangerously close to getting stomped himself and decided to quickly retreat, but before he got away the Abomasnow's foot came down on his tail, holding him in place. Abomasnow was tired of all the heat being forced on it from multiple directions. Having observed how effective its last attack on the flying dragon was, it figured that sticking with that couldn't go wrong. Sal was blasted by another additional Blizzard on top of the blizzard that was already constantly blowing, Abomasnow also made sure that this boosted Blizzard hit the snake it had trapped beneath its foot, and between the crushing weight of Abomasnow's foot and the powerful storm, Malcolm passed out. Being pelted by ice was also quickly overwhelming Sal but she was fighting to hang on and then suddenly the blizzard returned to its normal strength and Sal breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, that relief was felt too soon because an Ice Shard flew through the air and smashed directly into her, knocking her out of the sky and into the snow on the ground unconscious.
Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Abomasnow bellowed loudly as rocks and ice continued to tumble down from the cliffs above. The abomination was a horrifying sight as its body was charred black and its eyes glowed a fierce blue as it continued to summon an Avalanche to attempt to snuff out all life around it. “We have to end this now! Go Artemis, use Flash Cannon!” Athena yelled out to her Mawile, who stood in front in an attempt to protect the Pokemon nearby. Athena’s Mawile opened the jaw-like appendage on her head wide and a powerful silvery beam shot out at the Abomasnow, who countered with its own Ice Beam. The two beams pushed back on each other, neither side relenting in power as they struggled to push the other one over the top. After a few moments however, Mawile’s Flash Cannon began dwindling in power and the Ice Beam pushed it back closer and closer to Mawile’s body. Mawile yelled as her beam gave out, getting struck by Abomasnow’s unrelenting Ice Beam.

“Artemis!” Athena yelled, concerned for her Mawile. She took a big hit but still stood strong. “Metal Burst!” Artemis yelled in unison with her trainer as the Mawile began glowing red, pulsing with energy. A massive red beam shot out of the Mawile’s jaw-like horn, blasting through the Abomasnow’s Ice Beam and ramming into the Abomasnow at full power. The beastly Abomasnow let out a booming, pained roar as an explosion of light erupted from its body. As the smoke and snow slowly dissipated from the air, the trainers could see Abomasnow lying face down in the snow. All was quiet, save for the occasional rumbling of rocks tumbling down from the mountain above, and people were beginning to wonder if the fight was finally over.

However, to everyone’s dismay, the Mega Abomasnow began to rustle as it slowly got up to its hands and feet. The creature looked completely exhausted, but still possessed a fierce determination to keep going. A commotion of noise suddenly erupted from all around the area as a number of ice type Pokemon began to appear on the scene. Vanillites, Vanillishes, and Vanilluxes floated in the air alongside Cryogonal. Sneasels, Vulpix, Swinub, and Cubchoo watched on as well as the Weavile from the Oran Orchard. Several Smoochum, Snorunt, and Snover showed up while some Delibird fluttered down from above. All of the Pokemon seemed to be in an uproar, and the trainers feared the worst; a much bigger and more drawn-out fight coming up as they were completely surrounded by the army of ice Pokemon.

Abomasnow seemed a bit more confident now that its troops had returned to its side. “Snowww!” it bellowed, calling them forth to attack the trainers. However, the Pokemon remained where they stood. “Gla… lie…” The Glalie from the waterfall floated forward, back in its normal form as Froslass stuck by his side. Glalie looked up and around at the mountainside, as it looked like the aftermath of a warzone. Several rocks continued to fall from above. “Glalie!” it called out again, and the ice Pokemon began to converge on the Abomasnow. For the first time yet, there was a look of panic in the Abomasnow’s eyes as it began to blow a powerful Blizzard to try and defend itself. It was no match however, as the army of ice Pokemon breathed their own flurry of Powder Snows, Icy Winds, Frost Breaths, and Ice Beams at the behemoth.

“I guess the ice Pokemon are upset at their leader for nearly destroying their home,” Athena commented as the Abomasnow’s body began to freeze solid. Pieces of rock seemed to chip off of its body, causing it to shrink in size to that of a normal Mega Abomasnow, although still slightly larger and still in its Mega form. Once the Abomasnow was completely encased in ice, the Pokemon began firing a path made out of Ice Beams into the cave from which Abomasnow came. They then worked together and pushed the frozen beast onto the ice and let gravity take over as the icy slide took it back into the mountain’s depths. With the Abomasnow now put on ice hopefully for a long time, the wild Pokemon began to slowly disperse into their natural environment. The avalanche coming from higher up the mountain seemed to have finally quieted and the Hail trickling down from above seemed to have finally ceased. All that remained was Glalie, Froslass, and a couple of Vanilluxe. Glalie looked at Athena and then to the rest of the trainers and gave an apologetic look, hoping to let bygones be bygones. They then conjured up a small pile of icy rocks and crystals and left them in front of the trainers before departing into the cave’s depths as well, presumable to lock away the Abomasnow and hibernate until next winter.

“We did it!” Athena called out, falling back into the snow as she let out a sigh of relief and made a small snow angel. Sitting back up, she thanked her Mawile for her hard work and recalled her into her Pokeball. “I can’t thank all of you enough for everything you’ve done,” she said, addressing the trainers. “You all have helped save my home. You’ve saved everyone’s home. I can’t thank you all enough!” As she wiped a tear from her eyes, Athena looked out at the remains of the battlefield. Caught up in the action of the battle, a giant boulder caused from a Continental Crush remained front and center. The exterior of the stone had chipped away, revealing a crystalline mineral underneath that shone an icy blue. It was cold to the touch and seemed to emanate a powerful energy. It was too heavy to bring with them, but Athena loaded up all of the smaller crystals into a bag. “Let’s head back down the mountain where it’s safer. I’m sure the townsfolk would like to thank you too!”

For all of their hard work, the following Pokemon have received levels (if a Pokemon is lv.100, you shall receive an equivalent number of rare candies to levels received):
Alex: Mistilteinn the Abomasnow (5), Nothung the Infernape (3)
Alice: Blaze the Torchic (2), Atsumu the Whismur (2), Maasa the Piloswine (1)
Athena: Monte the Scraggy (1), Éclair the Mawile (2), Choux the Snubbull (3)
Big: Hotstuff the Charmeleon (3), Geddy the Tynamo (2)
Bill: Trono the Alolan Geodude (2), Carmen the Delibird (1), Megas the Golett (2)
Chroma: Elenchos the Inkay (3)
Drew: Malcolm the Seviper (2)
Eskil: Belial the Houndoom (4), Khione the Sneasel (2)
Gary: Rena the Stantler (2), Akame the Bisharp (2), Typhu the Typhlosion (2)
Hyrem: Happy the Flareon (2), Vi the Blaziken (5)
Isaac: Morgana the Incineroar (1), Jean the Nidorina (1), Vander the Zangoose (1)
Jayson: Spartacus the Scizor (1), Sigurd the Gallade (4)
Jess: Kimball the Vanillite (5)
Keith: Kyle the Heatmor (4), Helga the Hariyama (3)
Liawe: Caeda the Skarmory (3), Hope the Shuppet (1), Calem the Caterpie (1)
Lucas: Kong the Slaking (3), Sal the Salamence (2)
Mélina: Catalina the Minior (3), Glitch the Porygon (3)
Melissa: Wildfire the Cyndaquil (1), Ore the Sableye (3), Cirrus the Swablu (2)
Patches: Mio the Pikachu (3), Momo the Sylveon (1)
Rorik: Volg the Charizard (3), Guntz the Snorlax (2)
Tate: Kai the Vaporeon (2), Pouli the Houndoom (3)

Battered and weary, the trainers made their way back to the waterfall, where Marina and Jet were waiting for them. They were relieved to see that everyone was in one piece and congratulated them as they listened to the story of the epic battle that had taken place. The sun was out in full force now, and much of the snow and ice had already begun to melt across the area. After everyone was loaded back onto the raft, Marina’s Gyarados and Jet’s Drifblim took them back down the falls, where they were greeted by Samuel and Madoka.

Eventually everyone had been loaded up into the carriages where they were taken back towards town. Much of the snow across the plains had already turned to slush, the mysterious force of nature disappearing nearly as fast as it arrived. Once they arrived back in town, the trainers were met by a swarm of people, who roared with cheers upon their return. Arriving into the town square, the trainers were let out where doctors and nurses quickly tended to everyone’s injuries and healed everyone’s Pokemon. Hot cocoa was passed out to everyone, from a group of citizens led by none other than bundled-up Primrose, who had recovered enough to walk. She might have still been fairly weak, but she was going to express her gratitude no matter what.

“Everyone gather ‘round,” Athena called out as she brought forth the loot she had collected up at the mountain. “On behalf of everyone who calls this mountain home, I would like to thank all of you for your valiant effort from the bottom of my heart.” The gathering of citizens erupted in applause once again. “As thanks, I would like to give all of you a piece of the parting gift that Glalie left us with,” Athena said, laying out an assortment of items for the trainers. “Hopefully we can see you return to the Cloud Garden again on better terms; when everything isn’t frozen and covered in snow!” As the trainers gazed across the shiny assortment of crystals and rocks, the sunlight from the sky above reflected off of them in a beautiful glimmer of lights. It was a bright new day for the Cloud Garden, a day that the citizens of Galea Town would never forget.

All trainers have been awarded the following items:
Never-Melt Ice x1
Icy Rock x1
Ice Stone x1
TM Hail x1
Trainers may also select ONE of the following packages:
Package 1: Abomasite x1
Package 2: Icium-Z x1
Package 3: TM Collection Consisting of:
TM Ice Beam x1
TM Blizzard x1
TM Icy Wind x1
TM Ice Punch x1
TM Avalanche x1

I want to take a minute and thank everyone for participating in this campaign over the last three months. It was quite the grind, but we made it through! I especially want to thank Patches and morningstar for all of their hard work in assisting me with this campaign. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to tell this story without their help and their contributions. I really had a lot of fun coming up with this story, as it helped me create quite a bit of world-building for this zone I am so proud of, and so I hope you all had just as much fun participating in it. If you aren’t already adventuring in the Cloud Garden, I hope to see you there in the future, and if not maybe we will get the chance to update you again in a future campaign! Thank you all!
Can't write out an RP reply. So here's my pick-up post.

Kong the Slaking grew from Lv.38 to Lv.41
Sal the Salamence grew from Lv. 64 to Lv.66

Picking up:
1x Never-melt Ice
1x Icy Rock
1x Ice Stone
1x Icium-Z
1x TM Hail
1x TM Icy Wind
1x TM Ice Beam
1x TM Blizzard
1x TM Ice Punch
1x TM Avalanche

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