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Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
I wonder how this fares in comparison to the older incarnations of UPN. I'd say this one has been around for the longest but I know the older ones were a lot more active.
Across a two-year time period, the original UPN went through four "boards", referred to as Board 1, Board 2, Board 3, and Board 4. Each new board was distinguished either by its layout upgrade (as with 2 and 4) or by its software upgrade. I don't recall if we lost threads between Boards 2 and 4, but I think we might've lost threads from Board 1 when going to Board 2. Can't be certain. God, it's been 14 years since then this November. ¬¬;

I'm pretty sure that by the end of Board 1 (which was only around from June to November) we would have had a thousand threads. The anime forum alone would've likely had over two hundred. The video game forum would've probably had one hundred fifty to two hundred. The miscellaneous discussion forum would've had hundreds.

By the end of Board 4, I honestly couldn't tell you how many threads we had. It might very well have been less than UPN's current total of 5,000, but then again, this latest UPN's been accruing threads from Spring 2007 to Autumn 2013, so six and a half years. That's nearly 12x the amount of time we had Board 4 (Sept 2000 - Apr 2001). So yeah, our UPN may be 12x less populated, but it's also been around 12x as long. Surprise surprise, then, that the math sort of evens out.

But does it? Like I said, I don't know. Board 4 might've only had 2,000 or so threads. Vice versa, it might've had 10,000+. We had a pretty busy forum for shippers, but does "busy" only translate to 40 threads? 100 threads? I can't remember. We had a pretty busy polls forum (spun off from Misc because we had so, so many polls back then), but I don't know that it would've had more than 200 threads in it. So I dunno. *shrug*
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