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Originally Posted by KratosAurion View Post
Annie takes quite some getting used to before you get the real gist of when and where to Nuke your target. It also helps to use some nasty tricks like a Gank Feint and such.

Riven is one of my mains, and I absolutely adore her kit. Levels 1 - 3 can be hard, but from there on, you're only gonna grow, unlike other Champions like Pantheon, Shaco, LeBlanc and Lee Sin who become almost useless after Level 10. For a reason I love Rumble. He only grows, shines in Mid Game, and falls off only a bit during Late Game.

So, when are we gonna hook up for a few games? Also, I'd like to speak against BOT Games. Only use them to test stuff, as the AI is a poor representative of what you will actually find Online. I made the mistake of learning with BOTs, and it took me a while to get used to actual players not being completely useless.
I don't know. We should have a UPN League night. Problem with that is the 5 person queue limit...

I play bot games frequently, more than I do PvP, but that's because lately I've been strictly testing characters and trying to get the hang of them down. In my experience though, Intermediate bots are usually *harder* than players usually are due to their instant reaction times and infallible teamwork that enemy PvPers sometimes don't exhibit.

Like I said earlier, I've been playing a lot of Volibear the past two days and I love him. I usually struggle in Intermediate bot games, but I am quite proud of the 15/5/13 I went with him last night. I've also discovered I do a LOT better with effective teamwork and communication, typically when myself and four friends sit in on a Skype call together and work as a group.

Also, Sween, I'm sorry I didn't get to play with you the other night! Sometimes I get sidetracked or tired after playing too much League in one sitting, so I'll make it up to you.
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