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I've been mixing it up lately and trying as many new characters as possible.

Zac is interesting to use and has a lot of potential.

Syndra is very unique and also full of potential, but is incredibly challenging to control due to her abilities and combos.

Teemo is great and disgustingly adorable, but I'm not very good using him.

Wukong is fun and can lay a pretty good smack down, but he requires a few more games before I can form a better opinion of him.

Volibear is really great. He's tanky as hell when built correctly and his attacks can really lay into the enemy as he's really great for catching up to a fleeing enemy and finishing the job.

I'd say right now my mains have boiled down to Draven and Riven still, but I'm trying to work on maining a few more champs as well. Annie was okay, but for someone so squishy she's a bit slow for my tastes. I might try using her again at some point, but I've taken a break from her altogether.

I suppose right now I'll be working on the above characters (aside from Teemo - he's not really my thing).

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