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Like I mentioned, the lists are clearly incomplete. You could leverage that same criticism against the super-fandom-famous Sugimori Ken if you wanted to. "He only contributed one design out of the original 151? His solitary contribution out of a hundred to Generation 2 was Sudowoodo? " Obviously that can't be right. I suspect the same thing with Ms. Nishida.

But to give some serious thought to your question, let's suppose she did drop off the face of the GameFreak planet, or at least the video game development continent of it, from 1999 until 2010. Where did she go? Clearly, she went to the PTCG. Her list of cards is so lengthy that Bulbapedia didn't want to list them directly in her own article, instead creating a separate entry for the nearly 400 cards she's illustrated over the past twenty years. Granted, one wouldn't think that 20 cards a year would be enough to keep food on the table but I'm sure she's done other things with her time besides draw Pokemon artwork for the PTCG.

Do I think she dropped out of GameFreak for most of the 2000s? No, no I do not. I think we're missing the complete picture. But what this initial piece of the puzzle does reveal for us is that Nishida Atsuko has played an invaluable role in shaping the franchise as we know it. Without her there'd be no Pikachu. Without her there'd be no Charizard. Without her there'd be no Vulpix, no Dratini, no Squirtle. When one woman can be credited with single-handedly coming up with the creature designs for three of Ash Ketchum's main Kanto six, I think that says a lot for how influential she has been.

Like was asked on Skype, it'd be interesting to know who invented Bulbasaur. (My money's actually on Tajiri himself but I honestly don't know.) And I agree with you that it'd be wonderful to have a fuller picture of her involvement in Gens 2, 3, and 4.

Gotta love that rogue mention of Glacia though.
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