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It's a Solstice/early Christmas miracle! >>


Gemini Spark: The vandal’s eyes narrow at your taunt, but he gets himself under control quickly. He then frowns and sighs, shaking his head a bit disappointedly, though he makes sure not to take his eyes off you or your Pokémon. “Mom did say that people like you didn’t know how to negotiate. It’s a shame; I heard things like this are all the rage right now.” He opens his fist to show you some kind of opalescent sphere. There’s a dark bit running right through the middle of it, something kind of rectangular? It’s hard to tell what exactly he’s showing you, with the rain and all, but he tucks the sphere back into his pocket before you finish identifying whatever it is anyway.

“Not like I’d be short on it, but, hey.” He shrugs, just this side of mocking. “Double of nothing is nothing, right?” He leans to one side and taps his foot on the ground again, before nodding decisively. “That being said, you wanna fight, let’s fight. Houndoom, Thunder Fang.”

Lightning wreathes the Houndoom’s Fangs as it darts towards Rengar, closing its jaws on air with a boom like Thunder. Rengar just barely dodges the attack, catching only sparks which flicker momentarily over his fur. That actually gets him out of range as the ground near you shudders. Vi turns, alarmed, as you stumble back and she moves to get you out of the way. Not quickly enough, it turns out, as the Earth erupts with enough Power to throw both you and Vi in opposite directions. You, at least, hit solid ground, even if solid ground means the cliff wall. Vi, on the other hand, ends up dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. Thankfully, she rolls back to more solid ground and leaps to her feet, looking somewhat ruffled and a bit muddy but fine.

Well, that was rude. How do you respond?

(Declared: Seviper, Druddigon, Eelektrik, Blaziken, Zangoose)
“Mom did say that people like you didn’t know how to negotiate," the vandal said towards Hyrem's snarky comments. "It’s a shame; I heard things like this are all the rage right now.” He opened his hand to reveal something, but all Hyrem could make out in the rain was that it was a small spherical object with something running through it, not of any real significance to him at the time. “Not like I’d be short on it, but, hey. Double of nothing is nothing, right?” he taunted back before assuming a stance ready for a Pokemon battle. “That being said, you wanna fight, let’s fight. Houndoom, Thunder Fang.”

Once the order was given, Houndoom charged towards Rengar with teeth crackling with Electric energy, but Rengar was able to dodge away and only receive a partial hit from the residual electricity. The real danger came from the next attack as the Earth shook under Hyrem's feet, and Vi looked to grab her trainer and save him from the attack, but the Power of the attack came too quickly, sending both Hyrem and Vi flying, the human right up against the wall and Vi being thrown precariously close to the cliff, though she recovered before it got worse. Still, that cliff was definitely something to keep in mind as they battled, and Hyrem's gaze was on the Magcargo, that Pokemon was likely the source of the attack.

"Ugh, so that's how they're gonna play this," Hyrem muttered to himself as he picked himself up and dusted off his pants. "Time to synch up and battle then." Looking to his Pokemon, he gave his orders, "Rengar, go Disable that Magcargo's latest attack, keep it from doing that for a while! Then Fling your item at the Houndoom and try to throw it off! Vi, feel free to Bulk Up to make yourself a bigger threat before Bulldozing your way through that Magcargo!"

A smirk then became visible on Rengar's face; those attacks were certainly ones he himself thought of doing, but he wouldn't simply follow this trainer's orders blindly, instead doing so just to play along in an effort to put this other human in his place after attacking them with such a pathetic underhandedness. Not that he was averse to such petty tactics; in fact, it was because he had employed such tactics himself from time to time that allowed him to see it coming so easily, and his beating this Houndoom would prove that he was the better at dirty battling.

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