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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
Ex-Admiral Insane: Having decided to trust the woman’s Kirlia over your own most-likely-faulty memory, you tell her to lead the way. And ask her her name.

“Oh, uh, I’m Sam,” she says, turning to follow her Kirlia. “And that’s Abby.” Abby twirls to face you and curtsies before spinning around to continue guiding the three of you. “Yeah, I…always figured it was a Psychic-type thing.” She shrugged. “At least, that’s how it’s been in my experience.”

The three of you pass trees as you follow Abby, looking around for some trail or path that leads upwards. Nothing shows up, though, so you continue on. And on. And on. It reaches the point where Sam asks Abby, “Are we getting any closer?”

Abby slows to a stop and turns around, frowning. She holds out one hand and ‘walks’ the other one towards it, but the one ‘walking’ stalls somewhere in the middle and doesn’t reach the stationary hand, even as she indicates that the ‘walking’ hand is still moving.

Sam makes a frustrated noise. “Any idea how we can get there?”

While Sam and Abby discuss the situation, you take a moment to glance around. It’s been pretty monotonous so far and this place looks the same to you. Same old trees. Same old path. At least, it all seems the same to you, but as you look around, your surroundings…flicker and change into another, very similar pattern. Almost as though you were in a game and the game glitched for a moment.

You glance at Rags to see if he noticed and he clearly has, but Sam and Abby seem to have been distracted by their discussion.

What will you do about this?

(Declared: Gallade, Wailord, Gible, Axew, Bagon)
The woman had introduced herself to him as Sam’. “Lucas,” he reciprocates. The party continued their path amongst the trees, passing boulder and shrub one after one another with what appeared to be a lack of variety in scenery. The group had moved minutes, hours maybe even, but appeared to be getting no close to the peak. At least, not as far as they could make out from their current position. Their endless journey was eventually met with a question from the woman Sam, who asked her Kirlia how far they were managing to get. The Kirlia halted for a moment to lend her psychic energies to the environment, exploring the paths up ahead once more. She revisited Sam’s question with a motion. Holding up one arm to represent the path and peak of the mountain, the Kirlia let her other arm make walking motions up the length until it reached the middle where it stayed in place despite the walking motions. Sam didn’t have to translate this. Lucas understood. He gazed around at the scenery, hoping perhaps to find some sort of landmark or clue as to where they were or how to proceed. Everything around them seemed the same a bit; the same trees, the same sky, the same boulders and ground. He scanned the horizon once more when his vision momentarily faltered. Or so he initially thought.

The environment flickered. It was only briefly, but it was there, and then it remedied itself back in the same pattern.


“Yeah,” he answered, “I saw it too.” Looking back at Abby and Sam, he found the two were still discussing their procession up the path so far, having not noticed the same glitch as they had. Lucas decided to make use of this time for a cigarette break. He distanced himself from the group for a while as he tried to contemplate what was going on.


“Yeah, we’re not in Kansas anymore I don’t think. Question is then, where are we and how did this happen?” He took a drag from his cigarette. “I get the idea it’s no accident we’re being held off. There’s a reason we’re not advancing, don’t ya think?” he blew with a puff of smoke.

“Gall-ade?” Rags wasn’t too sure himself.

“Well someone or something must be responsible for this. And my best guess is that that glimmer we saw earlier might have something to do with it.” He took his last puff and trampled the butt under his soles. “Sam,” he called out to the woman. “Rags and I think we were right about the other path leading up to the peak. We’re going to go in that direction. You do whatever you want.” It was only a partial lie. Lucas didn’t know for certain whether that path was correct. Hell, for all he knew that path would have the exact same problem as this one, halting them midway their trek. But Lucas was interested in finding out whatever he could, and figuring out whether the strange phenomena affected only this path or both might be a step forward in the right direction either way, even if it’d mean he’d have to take two steps back first.

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