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Cortoza Updates - Set Twenty-Three

Ex-Admiral Insane: Having decided to trust the woman’s Kirlia over your own most-likely-faulty memory, you tell her to lead the way. And ask her her name.

“Oh, uh, I’m Sam,” she says, turning to follow her Kirlia. “And that’s Abby.” Abby twirls to face you and curtsies before spinning around to continue guiding the three of you. “Yeah, I…always figured it was a Psychic-type thing.” She shrugged. “At least, that’s how it’s been in my experience.”

The three of you pass trees as you follow Abby, looking around for some trail or path that leads upwards. Nothing shows up, though, so you continue on. And on. And on. It reaches the point where Sam asks Abby, “Are we getting any closer?”

Abby slows to a stop and turns around, frowning. She holds out one hand and ‘walks’ the other one towards it, but the one ‘walking’ stalls somewhere in the middle and doesn’t reach the stationary hand, even as she indicates that the ‘walking’ hand is still moving.

Sam makes a frustrated noise. “Any idea how we can get there?”

While Sam and Abby discuss the situation, you take a moment to glance around. It’s been pretty monotonous so far and this place looks the same to you. Same old trees. Same old path. At least, it all seems the same to you, but as you look around, your surroundings…flicker and change into another, very similar pattern. Almost as though you were in a game and the game glitched for a moment.

You glance at Rags to see if he noticed and he clearly has, but Sam and Abby seem to have been distracted by their discussion.

What will you do about this?

(Declared: Gallade, Wailord, Gible, Axew, Bagon)


Missingno. Master: You send Meowth to explain the situation to Ieni, Sunfire, and Blitzwind before giving Kyle his next set of orders. Kyle takes aim at Pele and ends up missing a red-horned Larvesta that managed to sneak up on him. The Bug-type Bites down hard on Kyle’s leg and he yells in pain, the ball of Flame going wide and Bursting over the cluster of Bugs. Most of them shake it off as several of the red-winged Volcarona attempt to throw some kind of Powder in the air, but it quickly burns up in the leftover heat of Kyle’s attack.

Some of the gold-winged Volcarona flap their wings, whipping up a Silvery Wind that buffets Kyle, though it doesn’t stop him from forming a long strand of Fire. He whips the strand out over the red and gold Bug-types, Lashing at the pink one in particular, and the pink Volcarona shakes its head as Pele narrows her eyes. She retaliates with a loud Buzzing noise, the sound of a large Bug flying, and it slams into Kyle, who only ducks his head and weathers it. A gold-horned Larvesta takes advantage of Kyle’s distraction and Leeches some Life from him, though it doesn’t seem to do much damage to Kyle.

Pele then summons some kind of Ancient Power and lifts several rocks in the air, preparing to toss them at Kyle, but Kyle Lashes out with his whip again and she flinches, throwing the rocks in his direction to try to stop him from attacking again. Kyle manages to dodge about half of them, but one lands dangerously close to you, sending your heart racing.

Kyle is breathing heavily when you finally manage to turn back to him, looking a bit battered from trying to hold his own all by himself. Pele watches him wistfully, eyes still burning, and says, “I haven’t seen a Pokémon fight so hard against so many in…many, many years.” She looks directly at you. “He does your heart justice.”



Meowth runs back to Ieni, Sunfire, and Blitzwind and explains the situation as you know it to them. The trio’s eyes widen upon learning that you weren’t chosen by Pele, but they exchange looks when they hear how you pleaded with Pele to spare the village. The moment they hear Pele outright refused your plea and you decided to fight her for the village, Ieni turns to Blitzwind and barks, “Go!”

Blitzwind hesitates. “But—“

Ieni shakes his head. “There’s no time. You have to warn everyone else and, without me, you can leave the trails.”

Blitzwind hesitates a moment longer and then dips his head. “You will be remembered,” he says and bolts down the mountain.

Sunfire moans and drops her head. “We’re all gonna die. We just haven’t been burned yet.” She glances over at the lava pit. “Do you think it’ll hurt?”

Ieni presses his lips together, and looks over at Meowth. “I was told a story once by some of the priestesses they call crazy. They said our sacrifices and festivals gave Pele power and she used to use that power to protect us from the volcano.” He glanced over at the lava pit as it inched its way upward. “These days, they say the sacrifices were a pointless waste of life and the festivals take too much from us, so it’s better that we stopped doing them. But, now…” He looked over at the battle going on between Kyle and Pele. “Now, I wonder.” He paused and exhaled. “Pele is a fire spirit, a goddess of fire, and fire needs something to burn. She would never admit that she was losing power…but the last time I heard she fought someone herself was when the demons from the sea held her people hostage until she could hold the volcano back no longer and it exploded, burying most of the invaders and almost all of her people in ash and fire. It was said that she was so furious and so weakened that she was forced to slay the remaining invaders herself, but that she moved like lightning and danced like fire. Afterwards, she threw her remaining power into the eruption and slept for years, trying to forget.” He turned to Meowth. “If she won’t stop the eruption, then I think she can’t. And with a big earthquake on the way…” He exhaled again. “Either she loses her hold now or later, but we probably won’t be around to know.”

(Declared: Tentacruel, Meowth, Heatmor)
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