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1. I agree that this should be updater discretion but I also think that there should be a minimum and maximum range this way everyone is getting at least a minimum amount that would make it worth doing and is also prevents people from getting way too much.

2. I agree with this. Because this zone is meant to have less work than the other zones so that we will actually be able to have updaters that aren’t burning out, I think there shouldn’t be a money reward for replies. The points are already a reward in itself and I think if updatees are pushing 250 words in order to get paid then that may put pressure on the updaters to write more as well. On the other side of things, it can be a bit hard to write 250 word replies in response to battles and I know that if I was going to get paid to do so, I’d feel the need to force a bunch of fluff into my reply and I don’t get the impression that’s what this place is shooting for. Updaters should of course still get the staff rewards.

3. I agree.

4. Yes, I think that we should probably not propose anymore areas for the time being.

5. I personally think that there should definitely be a restriction on the number of areas that can be visited at the same time. I think that without a restriction it can get a bit chaotic and hard to follow. At the very least, I think we should start with a restriction and see how it goes before possibly considering making it more open.

6. I also agree with this. I think PvP sounds interesting but I think this is something we should take baby steps on. We should see how it goes with what we currently have before adding all of these extra things. It’s best to start with less and build upon it. It’s not easy to just take something away after it has been implemented.

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