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1. Can't commentate, since i think this will vary a lot from area to area, but probably shouldn't surpass 5-10 BP at max.

2. Fine with this, but would also be fine with not this. Indifferent.

3. Also fine with this.

4. I think we should probably focus on building the areas we have now, as much fun as proposing ideas are. We don't want this to become to big to handle.

5. I think a limit is a must, and I personally lean towards a limit to the number of areas you can visit. I think, once we got it established and under control, we could experiment with some other type of limitation, but i think we shouldn't throw too many new variables in at once.

6. Also fine with this. I'd like to see the PokeLibre have both an NPC and PvP option myself.
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