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FWIW, I'm personally against the idea of individual player characters being in charge of a facility. The term Frontier Brain is used loosely and thematically in this context, being essentially equivalent to a ZA.

Though in terms of contests, I guess that could be an exception, I don't really see anything wrong necessarily with PCs being in charge of contest direction, like a Contest Director or something idk... just as long as you're not declaring yourself like, 'top coordinator' or something. None of that biz. Any "real" frontier brains would, IMO, need to be NPCs, like the Three Tower Tycoons.

And we don't have to use pre-established NPCs, I get where you're coming from. We could just make brand new ones only and leave it up to updater discretion if they want NPCs they've personally made make appearances. Yeah, tbh, maybe that is better.
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