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Jerry decides that he's inflicted enough damage upon his foe and decides to set up shop behind a rock, however Kingdra doesn't agree with his plan. Kingdra starts to churn the waters and makes a wave that looks suitable for Surfing on top of. Raichu sees the wave and is making his way over to the rock he is searching for but the surf wave manages to clip him if just a little a do some but not a terrible amount of damage. Kingdra satisfied with the results even though he cannot see what actually happened decides now would be a nice time to Rest and he sinks to the bottom of the pool as he enjoys his slumber. Jerry seizes the free time by making a Wish on a star up in space somewhere granting him a warrior-esque state of mind as the round comes to a close with the Smokescreen completely cleared by the surf.


Jerry took enough damage to knock him into his second quarter while Kingdra wasn't harmed for a change.

Kingdra used a good amount of energy but is also resting at the bottom of the pool recovering energy at a good pace. Jerry has a Wish in place that should aid his energy.
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