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Continuing on from where he left off, Jerry decides it's time to fire off more electric energy. He begins to Charge the energy which gives Kingdra enough time to Dive into the rather shallow pool. Jerry finishes charging his Beam and then launches it at the pool concealing Kingdra. The attack strikes the surface of the water and is dispersed throughout the pool dealing very minor damage to Kingdra, however, it appears as if there is also no boost received.

After it having been quite some time since Kingdra has seen an attack he decides that now is a good time resurface but he's very wrong as he is greeted by a very nice Thunderbolt from Jerry. Seeking retaliation Kingdra launches a Pulse of Dragon energy which deals some good damage to Raichu as the round comes to a close.


Both took more good damage this round with Raichu better off healthwise whilst Kingdra is better of energywise. Kingdra is into his second quarter while Raichu is barely above him.
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