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Biggggg5's not so giant squad summary

Pasbl stats:
27 wins 4 by dq
42 losses 1 by dq
6 draws 1 by dq
71 KOs
233.5 TP
C- grade ref
2.25 SP


Spoiler: show
Bugcatcher's Token: The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer's status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. This item causes the move Fling to deal Bug type damage if it is thrown. It may be purchased during the Christmas 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.


Spoiler: show
Pearl: Level 4 Female Rhydon
We met Pearl in the sinnoh underground. I noticed her because at the tip of her horn was a ball similar to a spoink's pearl thus explaining her name. She doesnt know where she got it but she thinks she was born with it. The orb seems to have energy inside it that she can use for various purposes, mostly in defense.
Hidden power: grass

Hotstuff: Level 5 (Uplevel) Male Charizard *Alternate Color: Blue*
Hotstuff was actually the last Pokemon initially caught by my father before he retired from Pokemon training. At that point he was just a regular Charmander, though fairly young and inexperienced at the time. Dad soon gave up being a trainer but gave Hotstuff to me as my starter since he hadn't gotten any training. One day though I was driving passed an abandoned gas station when I hit a huge pot hole and Hotstuff's pokeball went flying out the window into one of the old pumps. The pokeball opened and the explosion should have killed him. Luckily it was far enough away no one else was hurt. I thought I lost him but he was recovered from the wreckage, his only apparent injuries were from som debris falling on him and even those were minor. But there had been a significant change. His skin was now the same blue that you might see from a gas stove, and his tail flame was an even brighter white flame. His body heat was so hot he was now able to produce a bit of lava as well as flames from his mouth.
Hidden power: water
Token: Chardardite X
Special Training: Hotter than You (Fire)
Hotstuff can now use Lava Plume. He can also imbue the move with flying energy to have the move do flying damage while retaining the ability to burn. Hotstuff never learned Fire Blast or Overheat.

Geddy: Level 4 Male Eelecktrik
I was at my first concert which was for my favorite band Rush. The concert was delayed and the projection screens were all garbled up. They took out a mike and asked if there were any pokemon trainers in the audience. I was the only one there young enough to be one. There was a Tynamo chewing on the lines. I battled and caught him and named him after the lead singer Geddy Lee. While I was battling him he used a strange move I could not identify. I decided to name it after a lyric from one of Rush's songs.
Special Move: Thunderheads are Rumbling (Electric)
Using considerable energy, Geddy lets out a small black cloud that will hover above the opponent and strike the opponent with a lightning bolt from 1 to 3 rounds later, depending on how long the rounds last time-wise. Due to his species' semi-aquatic nature the cloud is able stay just above the opponent's head, even underwater. Before the attack comes, a light wind picks up. The attack itself is a large bright lightning bolt which comes from the cloud itself. This attack deals considerable Electric damage and has a 10% chance to paralyze. Geddy never learned volt switch or wild charge.

Sonic: Level 4 Male Sandslash
Sonic is the fastest being on the planet. He makes Rapidashs and Arcanines look like Slugmas. His back is blue. He is best friends with Tails the two tailed fox and Knuckles the echidna and likes chili dogs. He has been on many adventures. One of my favorites is when he saved the Arabian Nights.
Hidden power: fire

Goku: Level 4 Male Mankey
Goku was raised as a fighter since he was a baby.He has mastered ki in the form of flight and ki blasts. He has saved the world several times and is the strongest warrior in the universe. His best friend is Krillan and his biggest rival is Vegeta.
Hidden power: steel
Special Training: Kamehameha and Kaio-Ken (Fighting)
Goku can now use Aura Sphere and Belly Drum. He can no longer use Iron Tail.

Rachel: Level 4 Female Teddiursa
Rachel loves to fight. She likes Tobias and is somehow Jake's cousin. She always rushes into fights and as a result will sometimes get more injured than the others. She also loves shopping and is almost impossible to get dirty. She is often annoyed by Marco.
Hidden power: Psychic

Talia: Level 4 Female Dragonair
Talia, (pronounced with the first A being a long A apparently), was once the queen of a faraway city when her rule was overthrown by one of her Generals and his supporters who did not agree with her policies concerning allied nations, including a great Republic. She was exiled and traveled a long way searching for a way to retake her city. After being caught by me we found that she was really adept at using her tail to attack and she hopes with training she can one day reclaim her city.
Hidden power: poison

Captain Jack Spearow: Level 4 Male Skarmory
Jack Spearow was the best pirate in all the Caribbean. He has fought cursed pirates, regular pirates, the British navy, Davey Jones, his fish crew, and came back from the dead. He is an alcoholic, a superb swordsman, and has a knack for crazy unorthodox plans such as knocking over light houses and using cannon pulleys.
Hidden power: ground

Mawill: Level 4 Male Munchlax
Mawill is the pokemon reincarnation of me. He likes video games and greek mythology. He also loves to read. He is pretty smart but not very athletic. He always tries his hardest when he battles though and uses his superior stretegies to overcome his lack of stamina.
Hidden power: flying

HK-47: level 4 Genderless Metang
Hidden power: ghost
HK was created to be the most dangerous assassin in the Galaxy. But then he got stuck with me. He was programmed to be the most effective and subtle assassin he could possibly be. However he was also programmed to have no respect for all organic lifeforms, except his Master, calling them Meatbags and only slightly respecting other inorganics. When his previous master was died while HK was out on a mission his programming defaulted onto the closest human, which was me.

Batman: Level 4 Male Golbat
Hidden Power: ground
Everyone knows the story of the Batman. Dead parents, becomes crime fighter, etc. But this obviously isn't the real Bats. This is a Zubat that read lots of Batman comics and other media when he was little and grew up with the Caped Crusader as his idol. He studied the comics almost religiously and through that and solving mysteries in his home cave be became almost as good of a detective as the original Batman, complete with his own version of batarangs specifically designed by him to cover one of his weaknesses.

D'Vorah: Level 4 Female Galvantula
Hidden power: rock
Attached Token: Bugcatcher's Token
D'Vorah was once an evil bug lady from the realm of Outworld. She had total mastery over all sorts of insects and even survived the infamous Mortal Kombat tournament. But that was years ago. Through unexplained events, (and probably some stupid Time Travel s*** from Raiden,) she ended up in the much less dangerous form of a Galvantula but she escaped before anyone who knew her could catch her. she escaped to the wilds where she lost herself in her pokemon instincts, only remembering how she had more of a command of other bugs in a fight. I eventually caught her in a deep treck in the forest and contact with a human helped her memories resurface though she remained loyal to me.

Vegeta: Level 4 Male Chesnaught
Hidden power: Fighting
Vegeta found me about a year after I had caught Goku. Apparently in the wild Goku and Vegeta were rivals and would spar daily. He was mad that I had taken Goku away though he kept calling him Kakarot for some reason. With a little reluctance at first from his aggression I agreed to let him come along after Goku completely decimated in a rematch, demanding that I make him stronger than Kakarot, and he became a key battler on my team.

Elsa: Level 4 Female Marill
Hidden Power: Ground
*insert lyrics/link to Let It Go here* Anyway I doubt there is a person on this planet, except Slash, that hasn't seen Frozen. Elsa was born with special ice powers that she had to hide after one day injuring her sister with them. She was coronated as Queen of her country before accidentally revealing her powers and having to flee. Anna went to find her, love is deux ex machina, happy endings around. Many theories pop up about where the powers came from but one of them is that she is the reincarnation of an old Snow Queen from long ago. And who says she wouldn't be reincarnated again?

Gabriel: Level 4 Male Piloswine
Hidden power: Grass
Gabriel used to be a famous comedian on the mountain where he lived. Other wild pokemon gravitated from the whole region to visit and hear his jokes. He eventually got tired of the life and tried to retire. But he kept his ability to draw other pokemon to himself. and he doesn't appreciate jokes about a gravitational pull unless he makes it himself.

Navi: Level 4 Female Clefairy
Hidden Power: Flying
Navi is one of the cheerful little fairys that children love and adults find annoying. She grew up in a far away forest rather than Mt. Moon and had a much different upbringing than most of her species. She is less shy than a normal Clefairy and will make her presence much more well known.

Zaprong: Level 4 Male Electabuzz
Hidden power: Grass
Zaprong is from the desert region of Orre. The region has very little rain except in very specific areas so if you couldn't find or make water wild pokemon die of starvation, which is one of the reasons wild pokemon are very rare in the region. Zaprong knew he could learn Rain Dance but it would be too widespread to gather enough to drink. He learned how to condense the rain clouds a rain dance would usually make and have it generate water more effectively. After being captured he learned how use this technique effectively in battle.

Bolts: Male Level 4 Raticate
Hidden Power: Psychic
Bolts was once a Ditto named David. He spent a lot of time transformed into a human and with all that time he eventually learned how to speak English. However once he did he became a real jerk and thought he was above other pokemon. He started out fairly harmless but he started abusing other pokemon. Eventually Rachel decided to put an end to it as he was starting to become dangerous. She tricked him into transforming into a Rattata and had a friend use hypnosis to trap him like that. He escaped like that and wasn't seen for a long time, long enough that he was used to being a Rattata and having the normal energies of one. He came back years leader truly remorseful and after a lot of convincing Rachel agreed to let him on the team with a new nickname.

Mysteria: Level 4 Female Sableye
Hidden Power: Poison
Attached: Sablenite
Mysteria is a real witch. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though, as she is Mawill's girlfriend and he likes her. I don't get how it works either but her sorcery makes her much more powerful and awesome. Her spells are mostly residual, they just enhanced her claw skills and sharpness. We met her at my old grade school where she was practicing her claws on the trees. Mawill fell in love immediately and made me catch her. They became good friends and eventually started dating.

Marco: Level 4 Male Darmanitan
Hidden Power: Electric
Marco loves to tell jokes. he jokes about everything and has a hard time taking things seriously. He often pokes fun at Rachel calling her "Xena Warrior Princess" which annoys her to no end.

Seras: Female Level 4 Wartortle
Hidden Power: Ground
Seras was just a police girl doing her job when she was attacked by a freak crobat. It left her mortally wounded but she was saved by another Crobat named Alucard. In doing so she became his servent but was left to her own devices when Alucard inevitably got tired of her. She went off on her own and honed her new skills and power to match any opponent.

Poppy: Male Level 4 Ivysaur
Hidden Power: Rock
When not in battle Poppy is lazy and lethargic, though not entirely through his own fault. He lived in a poppy field near a green hued city and due to his proximity the bulb on his back started producing similar spores to the poppies. He exudes these spores at all times but during battle his natural adrenaline counteracts them and keeps him alert.

Alphonse: Level 4 Genderless Golurk
Hidden Power: Ice

Laura: Level 4 Female Pikachu (Belle Form)
Hidden Power: Ice

Katrina: Level 2 (Uplevel) Female Magikarp

Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III: Level 1 Male Rowlet

Raishan: Level 1 Female Sandalit

Ruby: Level 1 Female Anorith

Grog: Level 1 Male Crabrawler

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