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>Mentoring system

Spitballing here, we get a collection of B and A grades who are active and responsible (I count five easy) and pair them with a new ref. The new ref would be assigned their mentor at the same time their reffing application is approved. Mentor PMs says hi, gives some basic advice for notekeeping tips and things to remember, and then encourages the newbie to take a match. Newbie takes the match, does the thing, and then after every set of orders they draft up the reffing for the round and PM it to the mentor. Mentor looks it over, either says "good job, go for it", "actually, you fucked this up, here's a fixed version and an explanation", or anything in between. Newbie posts the reffing. Goes on until the newbie feels ready to take their ref test or whatever cutoff we believe fits.

Actual infrastructure would be a thread in the ref forum where B and A grades can sign up to be mentors, and the mentees can go to post things like "hey my mentor is being inactive can I have a new one that smells nicer?" Biggest threat is mentor inactivity/laziness, but I imagine that approving a reffing is a pretty simple task that can be accomplished.

Oh, and mentors would get an SP reward for every match their pupil finishes.


While there's fixes to be had here they won't help motivation. They'll just make the already active refs richer.
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