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Helvete: Female Gardevoir (level 3)
Not normally one for a Pokemon of "grace," I was presently surprised when this turned out to not be your average Gardevoir. Helvete (Swedish for Hell, in case you didn't know) is a fierce warrior, and sort of the Lone Wolf of the squad. Within time, I was able to get her to be slightly more open with me, and it was revealed that she was born and raised in Sweden, and was descended from a Gallade belonging to Erik the Red. This explained why her "cap" was a reddish orange instead of the normal green.
Special Attack: Fire of Odin (Fire)
Helvete creates a ball of Fire energy, and launches it at the opponent, doing damage and burning energy equal to 3/4 of a Shadow Ball. Though it cannot burn the opponent, Helvete can use extra Psychic energy (equal to half a Psychic) to control the ball after it is launched, allowing her to curve the ball's flight in any direction, making dodging it extremely difficult. Usable twice a battle.
Muyo: Approved

Guy LaDouche: Male Shuckle (level 1)
Guy, known as the excessively perverted, French field reporter on MXC, hitting on any contestant he speaks to, regardless of gender, age, or prettyness, is your typical Shuckle, as well. Always on the hunt for berries, which he likes to call "bosoms." Hopefully Guy will be useful in my helping of Tyranidos defending his Gym, as well. He seems to want to, seeing as he developed an anti-grass pokemon attack.
Special Attack: Bosom Blast (Bug)
Basically a bug typed Hyper Beam, Bosom Blast (aka Berry Blast, for the U-15's) is a result of Guy's dislike for the many grass types that would come to his berry patches, and take his berries before he could do anything. Charge time/Damage/Energy is the same as Hyper Beam. Usable three times a match.
Muyo: Approved

Ra: Genderless Solrock (level 2)
Ra, named after the Egyptian Sun God, was treated like a god back in ancient Egypt, thought to be a gift from Ra himself.
Special Technique: Solar Body (Fire)
Upon using this technique, Ra will glow red with Fire energy for 5 seconds. After this is over, Ra will be covered in his own personal Sunny Day, to a 5 foot radius, for 5 rounds. Fire attacks used by Ra will be 1.5x stronger, Water attacks used against him will be 1.5x weaker, and Solar Beam will have half the charge time (still only in arenas where it can be used to begin with). This technique cannot be used if Rain Dance is in effect. Energy use is equal to Sunny Day x2, and can be used once a match.
Muyo: Approved

Chung Oh: Male Geodude
A Lonely little Asian Geodude. Picked on by all the other Geodude, not allowed to play in any Geodude games, etc. So he decided to take up Taekwondo, something which I take myself. Though he got all of the punches, blocks, and knifehands down, he wasn't able to kick, seeing as Geodudes lack legs. Regardless, he continued, thinking that he could learn the kicks later, when he evolved. Chung eventually got his blackbelt, and when he did, something happened...
Special Training: Type Change (Fighting)
Chung Oh has his Ground type replaced with Fighting due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section. After receiving his Taekwondo Black Belt, Chung is now a Rock/Fighting type, with all weaknesses and resistances that lie therein. Chung learns Cross Chop, Focus Blast, Close Combat and Bulk Up, however, forgets Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Earth Power, Fissure, Magnitude, Swagger, and Frustration.
Muyo: Approved

Level 4: 38-14-7, 76 KO's, 212 TP, 0 SP, B- ref

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