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Agreeing to send out his Pokemon, Keith grabbed four Pokeballs of varying varieties, before tossing them in the air.

The first Pokemon Robin noticed emerging from their ball was a Timburr...things were already off to a bad start. After Telpo's sacrifice atop Catalyst Tower, Robin had been dreading facing Millicent, should she have found the Timburr.

The next Pokemon she noticed was a Ditto. This one wasn't as bad. Sure, the Electric type specialist had met Jack a couple times before, but his presence wasn't making her plan any harder for her.

The third Pokemon Robin laid eyes on was a Minun. Now this was a pleasant surprise. The young trainer hadn't realized Keith even owned another Electric type besides Rubeus.
Indeed, the Minun was so far one of the best choices the Poison specialist could have made, and Robin could only hope her luck would hold up for Keith's final Pokemon.

Any notion of luck was shattered as Robin laid eyes on Keith's Swoobat. Of all the Pokemon her friend could have brought, Luna was definitely the last one she wanted to see.
She was screwed. In her desperation to change subjects, the young woman had destroyed her plan in it's entirety. A Pokemon as perceptive and psychically skilled as Luna would easily be able to recognize her...even if the others didn't.
Even at the sight of Luna, Robin tried her best to appear calm, hoping that Luna wouldn't recognize her. The chances of that happening were rather low though, and the young trainer could feel her entire body go numb at the thought of addressing the Swoobat.

Keith started by introducing his Minun, named Anion.

"It's...nice to meet you Anion." Robin greeted, giving the Minun a weak smile as the cheering Pokemon waved energetically at her.

Next on the list of introductions was Millicent and Willow. Receiving a wave from the Timburr, Robin waved back, but said nothing more.

Continuing on, the next Pokemon Keith introduced was Jack. But before Robin could say anything to the Ditto, the transform Pokemon had begun to ooze off towards Hazel.

Now there was just one Pokemon left to introduce. Luna. As Keith began to talk about the Swoobat, she started fly around Robin, causing her heart to race faster then before.
After what felt like ages, the sound of Luna's voice rang in Robin's head, filling the Electric type specialist with dread.

Much like she had predicted, Luna indeed recognized Robin. She promised the young woman that she wouldn't tell Keith, but that the young trainer should do it herself. Keith was obviously worried about her.

I'm sorry, I can't. Robin thought, before turning her attention to Keith.

"Wow, y-you seem to have...quite the cast with you." She said, giving her friend a small smile.

But despite the smile, the young trainer was anything but happy.
I really wish he had forgotten about me, then I wouldn't have to be in this mess. Robin thought, forgetting that Luna could read her thoughts, if she chose to.
And now I have to contend with that stupid Swoobat as well...
As Aster began to stammer out a response, Hazel couldn't help but feel more then a little guilty. We was merely curious at the sight of a shiny Pokemon, but it was clear to see he had made the Mareanie rather uncomfortable.

But before he could apologize to the brutal star Pokemon, Jack oozed towards the pair. He seemed surprised to see Hazel, obviously recognizing the Jolteon.
After congratulating him on evolving, Jack asked the lightning Pokemon if he remembered him from before. To rejog his memory, the Ditto then transformed into a pizza box.

Aster seemed a little surprised by these events, and asked Hazel if he had met Jack before.

Gritting his teeth, Hazel glanced towards his trainer. She wouldn't want him to spill the beans on this...and he certainly didn't want to disappoint her.
But at the same time, the Jolteon knew that it would be hard, if not impossible, to convince Jack that he wasn't the same Hazel from the party.

"Umm...yeah I do." Hazel replied. "It's umm...nice to see you again Jack..."
Crossing his arms, Meowth stated that he promised he'd introduce Voltaire to Anion if he got the answer to his questions. The scratch cat Pokemon then pointed out that it wasn't Cayenne that wanted him out of the kitchen, but Voltaire himself.
Meowth then questioned if he was right about his earlier questions, before hanging his introduction to Anion over Voltaire's head. He was only going to introduce the Emolga to the Minun if he was honest to him. The scratch cat Pokemon did agree to keep quiet if it was a big secret though.

Letting out an audible sigh, Voltaire turned to address Cayenne.
"We're going to be going now, thanks for...umm..something." Voltaire said.
The Emolga then began to walk towards the door out of the kitchen, but stopped as he reached it.

"Ok Meowth, if you want your answers, you're going to have to come with me." He said, beckoning the scratch cat Pokemon over.

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