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Keith confirmed that Aster was pretty shy, before explaining that his Garbodor and Amoonguss were also shy at times.

"I see...yeah Hazel's pretty shy as well." Robin nodded. "Not as shy as Aster though. Well actually, he was as an Eevee, but he's improved a bit since evolving."

Deciding it wouldn't be best to stay on the topic of Hazel for very long, Robin began to think of something else to ask.

"So umm...did you bring any other Pokemon besides Meowth and Aster?" The young trainer questioned.
"If so, I wouldn't mind seeing them. I don't know how fun it would be for them though."

Not a moment after the words left her mouth, Robin realized how risky of an idea that was. She was entirely unsure of what Pokemon Keith had on him, and at least one came to mind that would ruin her entire plan.
Still, it was too late to turn back now, and so she gave Keith a small smile as she awaited his answer.
"Oh umm, hi." Hazel replied to Aster's rather shy greeting.
"I'm sorry, a-am I making you uncomfortable? I didn't mean to..." The Jolteon added.
"It's just....I've never seen a shiny Pokemon I don't think. Not in person anyway."
Meowth seemed absolutely sure that he had met Tessa before. The scratch cat Pokemon knew that Cosplay Pikachu were really rare, and pointed out how ridiculous it was to think two of them sharing the same name and mannerisms was a coincidence.
He continued, saying he understood if they were keeping a big secret, but to not regard him as stupid. The whole reason Keith and him were even here was because they were looking for a lead on where Jake was, and they had ended up getting lost.
All Meowth really wanted was to know the truth.

"I'm sorry, but umm...I really don't know what to say." Tessa replied once Meowth had finished speaking. "Uh, I'm sorry about your friend. But umm, I still have no clue what you mean."

With that, Tessa hopped off the counter, before picking up the knife she had dropped earlier. She then rushed over to the sink, not giving Meowth another moment of her time.

"Hey hey! What's going on?" Cayenne questioned as he rushed towards Meowth and Voltaire.
"I heard you guys speaking rather loudly, so I'm just a bit curious. I don't want any of my friends to be fighting!" The Torchic exclaimed.

"It's nothing Cayenne. Me and Meowth here were just about to leave. I know you don't want us in the kitchen too long." Voltaire explained.

"Huh? Nonsense! Stay as long as you want!" Cayenne exclaimed.

If looks could kill, Cayenne would have dropped dead on the spot. Upon hearing the Torchic's words, Voltaire shot the chick Pokemon a rather nasty glare, though Cayenne seemed not to notice.
"Ok well whatever. Meowth, you've asked your questions, now I think it's time for you to uphold your end of the bargain. So let's go see if Anion is here, yeah?"
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