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Robin could feel herself calming down slightly as Keith began to list all the Poison types he had owned. Though she had seen or heard about some of the Pokemon Keith was mentioning, a few of them she didn't know Keith even owned.
If nothing else, her friends explanation on his various Poison types was a great way to steer the conversation away from her.

After he was finished listing all of the Poison types he owned, Keith explained that he didn't exclusively train Poison types, bringing up both Cyanide and Meowth.

"Yeah, that makes sense." Robin nodded. It was the exact same way for her. Even though she specialized in Electric types (something she refused to mention to Keith), she owned a large amount of other Pokemon as well, including Cayenne.

"But a Mareanie? I don't think I've ever heard of that Pokemon before..and I know about a lot of different Pokemon." The young woman said.
"I used to have a large collection of Pokemon books...and I used to study them all the time. It was my goal to memorize everything about them for awhile." She explained.

"But enough about you have that Mareanie on you? I wouldn't mind seeing it if you do. If that's ok, of course."
"Thanks, you're the best." Voltaire beamed at Meowth's response.
After that, Voltaire decided to follow Meowth onto the warp panel. In a flash of light, both Pokemon disappeared from the living room, before reappearing in a different room entirely.

"Oh, hello!" Cayenne chirped as he noticed Voltaire and Meowth.
"Welcome to Cayenne and Tessa's Kitchen Extraordinaire! Can I offer you any refreshments while we prepare your meal?" The Torchic questioned.

"We're good right now Cayenne...we're actually looking for Tessa at the moment." Voltaire explained.

"Oh, that's all? Ok! She's right over there!" Cayenne exclaimed, before pointing his head towards the kitchen equipment straight ahead. There seemed to be all sorts of things there.
A sink, a fridge, a microwave, and a cutting board, which happened to be lying on one of the counter tops. Standing on top of one of the counters was Tessa. With a tiny butter knife in hand, the Cosplay Pikachu seemed to be spreading something on the various slices of bread laid out for her.

"Looks good Tessa...what are you making?" Voltaire questioned as he approached her.

"Ah!" The Cosplay Pikachu exclaimed in surprise, dropping the butter knife she had been holding, which clattered to the floor.

"Oh's just you." Tessa said as she turned around.
"Umm, I'm sorry...I made a mess for nothing..."

"It's ok...really. Anyway what I was asking wasn't really important..Meowth here actually wants to ask you a few questions." The Emolga explained.

"Uh, really? For me?" The Cosplay Pikachu questioned, before turning to the scratch cat Pokemon.
"Ok then, umm...I'll try my best to uh, answer them."
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