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Keith thanked Robin for her words, before explaining that his friend was a skilled trainer, but that something bad still could have happened to them.

"Yeah..." Robin agreed.

Much to her relief, Keith then decided to change the subject. Apparently he had noticed all three of Robin's Electric types, and wondered if she specialized in the type, before explaining his affinity with Poison types.

"I wouldn't say I have a specialty for them. I think I just happen to be running into a few." Robin said, giving her head a light shake.
"But Poison types? That's pretty cool." The young trainer added. "What are some of the kinds you have? If you don't mind me asking."
"I see. I guess lady luck is already on your side then." Voltaire chuckled, upon hearing that Meowth already had a girlfriend.

Meowth then started to explain things about the Minun Voltaire had asked about earlier. Her name was Anion, and she wasn't all too shy about expressing herself. As the scratch cat Pokemon continued to describe Anion, Voltaire's eyes widened and a large smile formed on his face.
But Meowth wasn't interested in talking about his teammate for too long, and quickly switched the subject back to Tessa.

"You want to ask Tessa a few questions?" The Emolga repeated.
"Ok sure, she should be this way." Voltaire added, before making his way over to the warp panel in the corner of the room.

"Just step on this, and we'll find ourselves in the kitchen." Voltaire explained.
"Oh, but one thing. Maybe after you're done talking to Tessa...could you see if your trainer happened to bring Anion? I kind of want to meet her, if what you've said about her is true..."
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