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After thanking her for letting Meowth and him in, Keith decided to bring up the weather of all things. It wasn't all that odd, considering the heavy rainfall outside, but it still left Robin feeling a bit uncomfortable.
She had known Keith for quite a few years, and yet the way he regarded her, it was like the Poison type specialist was talking to a complete stranger.
For all he knows, I am. The young trainer reminded herself. It had been the same for Hazel, Tessa and Voltaire. Anyone she knew from before the incident at Catalyst tower...they couldn't see her as the same person, but an entirely different one.

Realizing she had yet to respond to her guest, Robin pushed these thoughts aside, if only for a few moments.

"Yeah..kind of strange. Me and my Pokemon were just thinking of heading to the beach too." Robin said, giving a small chuckle.

After scanning Hazel with his Pokedex, Keith introduced himself. He then started to explain that Meowth could talk, before the scratch cat Pokemon finished for him.

"Wow... a talking Meowth? That's something you don't see everyday." The young trainer said, trying her best to act surprised. She was anything but surprised though.
She had seen Keith's Meowth quite a few times, and any novelty the scratch cat Pokemon had had worn off a long time ago for her.
Still, the young woman couldn't help but feel a bit worried that her fake surprise would do little to convince the pair in front of her.

With Meowth's quirk introduced, the Poison type specialist then asked Robin for her name.

"My name? It's Robin. It's nice you Keith and Meowth." She said, giving each of them a small smile.
"Oh, and this is......Hazel." She added, pointing to the Jolteon beside her.

"Hello." Hazel greeted the new guests.

"I guess we don't need to be standing around, huh? Did you want to grab a seat?" Robin offered, gesturing to her left. There, a large black table, along with four black chairs rested.
On the surface of the table, Voltaire continued to clean up the board game that had been laid out, though he seemed to be making a slow amount of progress.

"I apologize for the mess, me and Pokemon were playing a game a few minutes ago."
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