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1.) Anyone is allowed to RP here. Just make sure to introduce your character to one of mine if they haven't yet met.

2.) There's no limit on how many Pokemon you can bring. Go nuts if you'd like.

3.) Please keep in mind the size of your Pokemon before bringing them. Any Pokemon that are too wide/big to fit indoors should be left outside, or otherwise not brought with you. The roof is about 3.2m/10.5 feet tall for reference.
These conditions are less strict in the battle room, but some restrictions still apply. (See the description for details.)

4.) Maximum weight in the elevator at one time is 250kg/551 pounds. Anything over, and the elevator could very well break.

5.) Robin's room is off limits, unless given permission by her.

6.) Have fun.

As of now, this base is open for RP.
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