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Hoping this is plausible enough...

Ownage: Level 2 Male Wartortle
Biography: Ownage considers himself superior to everything and everyone. This massive ego has caused Ownage to train himself at the gym during all of his spare time. This constant training has resulted in bulk muscle gain, and some slight intolerance of intellegence, and with it, the Psychic type. Through enough training, Ownage made himself to be a god among Wartortle, gaining enough muscle to bring out his inner commando, becoming a Water/Fighting type. Also, his left ear is nicknamed Awesome, and his right ear is Win.
Sig (Type Change): Going Commando
Ownage is now a Water/Fighting type, with all weaknesses, resistances, benefits, and drawbacks associated with the typing.
Muyo: Needs more everything. Rejected

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