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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
^That is an awful sig and you should be arrested for how awful it is D:

Clockwork - Female Girafarig (Level 4)

Bio: Clockwerk Cowlkwork Blockwprl Cockwork Clockwork is a creature of habit. Every day, she does the same thing the same way at the same time. One thing she really enjoys is that what keeps her in time, clocks, and both her punctuality and facination with times earned her the name "Clockwork". However, being a Girafarig, she's a bit two-faced, and sometimes throws her habit and consistency out the window. However, she thinks everyone goes too fast, and she's decided it's best too cool her gears every once in a while.
Signature Move - Take Five (Psychic)
Expending significant Psychic energy, Clockwork sends a calming wave of energy through the field, calming her and all other Pokemon. For the next round (or the following round if the last attack used), all Pokemon, including herself, are restricted to non-damaging moves. Moves that cause slight damage or indirect damage are also barred from use (i.e. Future Sight, Toxic, Will-o-Wisp, Thunderwave). Also, any Pokemon under the influence of Taunt/Swagger/in similar states will fall out of such state and will be unable to be Taunted or Swaggered as long as Take Five is active. Take Five can be used once per battle.
Susan: *uses Kamehameha*
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