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Thamar: Female Spiritomb (level 4)
Mean spirited and catty, Thamar enjoys toying with her opponents before finishing them off. Her ability to turn their own attacks against them aids her greatly in this area.
Special Technique: Power Vacuum(Ghost)
Much like Protect, Thamar surrounds herself with a blackish sphere of energy, which will absorb an attack against her, leaving her unharmed. Unlike Protect, however, the sphere absorbs the power of the enemy's attack, replenishing her instead.
When using this technique, Thamar's trainer specifies whether health or energy is absorbed: if health is chosen, the damage the attack would do instead heals Thamar for that amount of health instead. If energy is chosen, Thamar gains energy equal to the amount used in the attack that Power Vaccum protected against. Power Vacuum theoretically costs "no" energy: the aspect of the attack Thamar chooses not to absorb will be converted to energy that pays for the energy cost of Power Vacuum. However, Power Vacuum initially requires as much power as Protect does, so if Thamar does not have the energy to use Protect then she cannot use Power Vacuum either. Power Vacuum may be used once per battle.
Muyo: You can't get a 1:1 ratio, this is very bad. Rejected

Eisenfaust: Male Lucario (level 4)
This is the Lucario that Chozo used against ABL in the finals of Pokebowl. Though he ultimately lost, Chozo was so impressed that he offered the Lucario a spot on his team.
Good thing too, because Eisenfaust would have been given over to the furries otherwise, an ignoble fate for such a great Pokemon.
Special Training: True Sight(Fighting)
Eisenfaust has refined his aura senses to the point where it overlaps with his normal sight, the Lucario able to use them as effortlessly as breathing. With these overlapping senses Eisenfaust is able to pick out the true Double Team clone with ease and even the thickest fogs are clear as a sunny day in the Lucario's eyes.
Moves that obscure the opponent (Double Team, ghost invisibility, etc.) as well as moves that reduce the field of vision (Smokescreen, etc.) have no effect on Eisenfaust. Eisenfaust also sees clearly even when his eyes are completely closed. However, he burns energy equivalent to .25x a Foresight a round for this effect
Muyo: Approved with edit
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