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Here's hoping these updates are going to work (again)...

Rheza: Level 2 Male Scyther
Travelling deep within a jungle forest area, I managed to stumble upon a well-kept secret. It was a haven of bugs – a bugs’ paradise if you like. Except for a small group of Scyther. It was interesting because, at first glance, they looked like they fit in. But, after living with the bugs for a while, I came to the understanding that there were murders going on. There was a killer on the loose. I decided that I would take it on myself to find the culprit. I finally cornered the bug and we fought all night. In the end, I won, and he agreed to come along with me with the promise of plenty of fights to be had where I was going. He had the most fearsome technique in his arsenal.
Special Technique: Chuuton, Mushi Dama (Bug)
Being the bloodthirsty villain he is, he enjoyed taking his opponent's by the neck and threatening them with his arm-blades. While in this position, he was able to dig his fangs and legs into the opponent and steal their energy. The energy is equivalent to a Giga Drain and the attack also has a 10% chance of the opponent being paralysed. For the attack to work, Rheza must be able to latch on to the opponent.
Muyo: Damage? Rejected

Verim: Level 2 Male Skorupi
I met Verim on a sunny afternoon. It wasn’t too hard to find him since he was running in circles. It was obvious that Verim loves his tail. He spends forever chasing his tail. This doesn’t affect his battling of course, since he gets to use his tail to beat up his opponents. This fascination is not such a big deal when you learn why he is so fascinated. He has an extra poison sack in his tail and loves that fact. Verim makes his own unique poison in this sack and can use it in one attack.
Special Technique: Dokuton, Satetsu Kaiho (Poison)
Verim gets super close to his opponent and then sticks his tail directly into them so that the poison he releases will go straight into the bloodstream. The poison wracks the system with a initial hit that deals damage to the opponent equal to 1.5 a Sludge Bomb. Can also cause paralysis, sleep, slowness (as in the Icy Wind effect), or the toxic effect. Each of which have 10% chance. However, only one type of status effect can be inflicted. The attack takes the energy of 1.75x a Sludge Bomb to complete and can only used three times a match, and is only usable on Pokémon who could plausibly have their skin punctured.
Muyo: Approved

Tempira: Level 2 Female Smeargle
Who would have guessed, but Tempira is a proficient painter. Not only has she managed to become so good at her art, she has perfected one technique she can use in battle.
Special Attack: Nimpou, Choujuu Giga (Normal)
Tempira paints the air in front of her and a beam of energy is created. This beam has the shape and form of a lion, but for all intents and purposes, it is an energy beam. The lion has a menacing look on its face which can instill fear into the opponent if they look at the lion. She paints in quick succession, and six of these lion-beams are formed. The total damage from this is equivalent to two Mega Punches and it uses same energy.

Muyo: Approved

Looks like I might be here to stay...

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