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Pimp Master Jay: Male Mr. Mime
Pimp Master Jay is a professional pimp.
Special Training: Pimp Slap (Normal/Psychic)
Pimp Master Jay slaps his hand in the air, at the same time doing a slap of Psychic energy against the opponents cheek, as if though he psychicly slapped them. This will be ordered with Pimp Master Jay denouncing something in specific. Pimp Master Jay may Pimp Slap the opponent to put them in their place and stop them from using heavy attacks, or for other battle strategies such as dodging moves or using boosting moves etc. When trying to stop attacks, unlike taunt it must be further specified. It can limit strong/weak attacks (upto the ref for questionable attacks), or physical/special. It cannot just stop the opponent from attacking outright - in order to stop attacks the opponent must have just used it in order to stop it from happening again. For example, it would stop all heavy attacks if ordere during the duration, and a heavy attack is defined as something that needs to be charged up, or considered one of the strongest attacks of the element such as a Shadowball, Hydro Pump or etc, with it being up to the ref for borderline attacks. So to stop a double hyper beam for example, the oponent would have to have done the first one, and then he slaps him to stop high powered attacks. But for dodging and boosting moves, he can just slap them without having them done one recently. It works similar to Taunt in which they cannot do the move specified for a few turns. Energy usage is equal to a Psychic and Taunt, and is usable 3 times per match, but only 2 times against a single opponent. In addition, only one type of move can be "slapped out" at a time, meaning he will have to wait for the effect to wear off from the first one to do it again.
Muyo: Approved

Killer: Female Weavile
Killer is one of my evilest Pokemon. She loves to slices up enemies and has no qualms about killing during a battle.
Special Training: Frost Punch (Normal)
Killer delivers a stronger version of Ice Punch, aimed at the opponents neck. The attack causes a freeze around the neck which causes difficulty catching ones breath, and hence, greater energy exertion, until it's removed. It can be removed any normal way ice can be removed from a Pokemon. The attack can be used 2 times per battle, once per opponent and uses 2x Ice Punch energy to use.
Muyo: Approved with edit

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