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Resubmitting, hope they're slightly better.

Smear: Level 1 Male Smeargle
Bio: Smear was obtained after I defeated the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. This Smeargle was given away as a prize. At first I questioned why on Earth a Smeargle would be given away, but after battling with it I can see completely and utterly why, as his fighting abilities show off his skills perfectly.
Personality: Smear is an extremely focussed Pokemon, training day and night to home his skills to perfection. As such, he rarely takes a break, and has many sleepless nights, occassionally causing him to be a bit weak during the days. I managed to snap this out of him, and make sure he's given regular breaks.
Special Attack: He trained in the Fighting Dojo of Saffron City, learning the way of Fighting type. This has given him the ability to use fighting attacks like a normal Pokemon of that type. This has given him the ability to use Dynamicpunch, Focus Punch and Hi Jump Kick that do not count towards the sketch limit. In addition due to training with Kunos smeargle, it can use sketch more then once per match.
(Awesomeness of that Ability invented by Kuno himself, Emperor of Awesome)
Muyo: Approved with edit

Mushie: Level 1 Female Shroomish
Bio: Mushie was captured when I accidentally sat on her head when exploring a small cave. She sent out a Grass Knot, tripping me over instantly before wrapping me up in vines. She then sat on top of me for hours, while I slowly tried to break my way out. I eventually reached my Numels Pokeball, letting him out as he scorched the knot away. I then fought the Shroomish, and eventually caught her, adding her straight into my team.
Personality: Mushie is slightly well…stupid, as she often has a great plan, which she goes through with, but then has no idea what to do once the plan is complete, leading to many people just being left tied up. She has a very passionate love for her trainer, following me everywhere until the day that I die, which may happen soon by the attempts to escape I make.
Special Attack: Chili Powder (Fire)
Sends out a burning hot powder that does roughly the same damage as Wake-Up-Slap, but also has a 30% chance to burn. Energy useage is the same as two Poisonpowder attacks.
Muyo: Approved

Sludge: Level 1 Male Gulpin
Bio: Sludge was captured when I found him chasing a Pidgey who appeared to be teasing it. The Pidgey kept running away from the Gulpin, who was slowly sliding towards it. The Pidgey was having a great time. Well, at least until Gulpin fired a direct Ice Beam at its wings, causing it to stop where it stood. I didn’t want the Pidgey to die, but I didn’t want the Gulpins abilities to go to waste either. So I simply captured the Gulpin, and let the Pidgey go.
Personality: Sludge is actaully an extremely wise Pokemon, staying out of anything that is of no concern to him nor anyone else for that matter. He prefers to stick close to me, as he believes his intelligence is more on my level than the Pokemon, something I’m not sure about.
Special Attack: Toxin Touch (Poison)
He punches fowards with his fists, with the same accuracy as a Ice Punch, and hits them with a burst of energy, with a 50% chance of Poison. It takes the energy of a Fire and Ice Punch combined, and does the damage of a normal Fire Punch.
Muyo: Approved

Mable: Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Bio: Mable was captured in the dead of night, when she flew into the Pokemon Center and began to pretend she was Officer Jenny, examining the area and doing everything the Police Officer would do. I woke up, and she attacked me, slamming me into the wall and searching my pockets, taking out anything ‘dangerous’. While she began to examine the objects, I quickly turned around and threw my Pokeball, capturing her instantly.
Personality: Mable is a strict enforcer of the law, loving nothing less than to capture a criminal and arrest them using her abilities. She likes pursuing the enemy, and in battle is a best, being very speedy as well as packing a surprising punch. She does however have a unnatural fear of Eevee and the evolutions, for a reason she won’t specify to anyone.
Special Defense: Prison Lock (Ghost)
She creates an attack similar to Protect around herself. It has the appearence of several jail bars surrounding her. Any physical attack sent at her that turn will be stopped by the bars, yet any Special attacks will come flying through. Takes the same energy as Light Screen, and can be used twice per battle.
Muyo: Rejected

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